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How Much Does it Cost to Make an App Like Prisma

How Much Does it Cost to Make an App Like Prisma


Nowadays photo editing apps with various filters are extremely popular. This article will be dedicated to photo app Prisma since it still holds top positions on App Store and Google Play. Also we'll review how to make photo editor like Prisma a new hit.

So, what kind of app secrets Prisma might possess?

Prisma review

Prisma review

An interesting app was released for iOS in June 2016. A few months later it appeared on Android OS. The app changes mere photos into ones paint in style of famous artists. The service has gained popularity incredibly fast. Prisma Art Filters and photo effects has been №1 app over a month.

A few words about the creators. Prisma photo app was created by the former Mail.ru employee Alexey Moiseenkov and his young company Prisma Labs. Now they are working on photo processing servers to increase their capacity. The hardware was not ready for such a loading and could barely handle the data amount. However, it seems that the future for Prisma photo editor startup is promising, as well as for other apps like Prisma, don't you agree? If you're still not let's go deeper.

Functionality of Prisma

Functionality of Prisma

Let’s make a review of the core Prisma app features:

  • Prisma effect. This is the transformation of the photo into a piece of art
  • Unique set of photo editing tools and filters
  • Photo Saving
  • Direct Instgram sharing
How it works

How apps for picture editing work?

For those of you who don’t know how Prisma looks, we have prepared a few screenshots of the main menu. As you can see, the interface is minimalistic, without a pile of useless elements and unneeded icons. You simply choose a photo from your gallery or take a picture with your camera and send it to processing.

And now about photo processing.

photo processing

To develop photos look like this a whole new approach to photo effectswas was created. Developers have used a technology of neuron networks.

User selects approximate style for a photo that in future will become a painting. Generally, users select styles of famous artists or one particular painting. As soon as the photo is transformed the server sends the result back. User can see it on the screen just in a moment. Such an impressive response speed marks Prisma among other apps like VSCO cam, for example .

Prisma among competitors

How to build mobile app like Prisma?

As Prisma has quite plain UI, it won’t take too much effort to develop it. Backend with photo processing algorithm is quite a challenge. You will require an efficient solution for it, plus it will take considerable time to work on filters.

To develop an app like Prisma your primary demand for developers team should be:

  • Designer (1-2). To create custom design that will differ you from competitors, and will be comfortable and intuitive for users.
  • Mobile Client Developer (2). To develop responsive mobile client in accordance with the design.
  • Backend Developer (2-3). To create photo processing algorithm and develop API.
  • QA Engineers (1-2). To test usability, detect bugs, and help developers during fixes.
  • Project Manager. To manage tasks and project documentation, divide and delegate tasks, and communicate with the client.

While choosing suitable company you should pay attention to their experience in this industry and hire those who know how to make photo editing apps.

How to build mobile app like Prisma

How much does it cost to develop an app similar to Prisma?

If you are planning to build your business in this niche then the question “How much does it cost to develop an app similar to Prisma?”, probably, keeps you awake at night.

Do you have a question?

So, the estimated time frame for Prisma app clone can be:

  • 100-120 hours for Design
  • 200-250 hours for Mobile Client Development
  • 400-550 hours for Backend Development
  • 80-100 hours for QA

So, to sum up, Prisma app development might take around 1000 hours. And the cost to build app similar to Prisma can range widely, depending on company’s hourly rate.

Still haven’t found the answer for “How much an app like Prisma cost?” Contact us, Thunderrise Dev Team is experienced enough in building unique photo editing apps. And more than that, if you have apps like Prisma for PC, doesn't matter Linux, Mac or Windows OS based, we will gladly create an Android or iOS version for you.