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How Much Does it Cost to Develop the Best Diet App for iOS

How Much Does it Cost to Develop the Best Diet App for iOS


From 2014 we can unravel the huge growth of mobile fitness and health care industry. From year to year more and more people trust their health and well-being to mobile applications. The most popular fitness apps are ones that work with nutrition and diet. Although, diet app market is not a flagship of mobile industry, there are lots of things to offer so it’s a good idea for a new startup.

Why IOS?

Mobile fitness companies are thankful to Apple because their production reaches list of the most downloadable apps in App Store. iPhone users are not for nothing called more active and predisposed to pay than users of other platforms. In many countries Apple sales outnumber 50% of all mobile market. These reasons are more than enough for startups to choose exactly iOS.

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What to add?

In this paragraph we will have a look at the basic and extra features that your future best diet app should contain. Let’s make a list and then I’ll try to explain every part more detailed:

  • Personal account
  • Diet plans
  • Notifications
  • Compatibility with external gear

So these are basic features. Later we will talk about more specific ones and now let’s explain what we have here.
How much does it cost to develope a diet app for iOS

Personal account

It is the thing that is supported by almost every app that works with personal data. Speaking about diet apps, accounts are needed to create a personal diet using user's body measures (weight, height, etc). It will also help to track user's goals and progress.

Planning the diet

The most fundamental feature of nutrition apps. It will be an excellent solution to incorporate pre-made diet programs and tune them to users measures. Take a note that water diet app is a trend right now. Also you can add some kind of shopping list.

Talking about notifications

It’s a good idea to motivate users to reach their goals. Add something like “You look awesome today, it’s time increase that awesomeness with a jog session”. Don’t forget to remind users about their achievements because progress is the best motivation ever.

Do you have a question?

Wearable devices are very useful for diet apps
They help to track calories, miles jogged, steps walked and stairs climbed. Often, health care apps serve as an interface for lots of fitness trackers so the primal task is to provide maximum compatibility with this gear.

As I said above, there are some extra features that aren’t actually vital but their addition will mark your product from other ones:

  • Barcode scanner
  • Social sharing
  • Visualization
  • Game content
  • Challenges

How to create a diet app
If you want to add a shopping list, barcode scanner will be a good addition to this feature. You can even create a top of products and users will vote for them. So if the product “N” is better for diets than other, newbies will know it.

What else can i say about social sharing? Mobile users now integrate everything with everything and it’s a kind of additional motivation. For example, “I’ve lost 15 pounds, congratulate me” post in Twitter with the link on an in-app progress graph will collect lots of likes and probably new adepts for your diet app.

Visualization is the thing that will help to realize the way passed and feel like “It’s good but there a lot more to do”. Add a system of graphs and diagrams or propose users to take photos before every diet stage. Remember that your apps opus primum is to help people reach their goals. Only in that case your audition will grow.

As you know, caring about yourself can be not only hard but a bit routine and boring. Adding a game content will make this more interesting. Add something like running away from zombies (Zombies, run!) or offer people to feel like they participate in Tour de France and race with other cyclers using this app.

According to the previous feature it’s a good idea to challenge users. Create a chart of best joggers/cyclers/athletes. Healthy competition will motivate people for new achievements.
How much does it cost to develope a diet app

Where to learn from?

Nutrition and diet apps are not an invention of the day. There are more and more of them but not all gain popularity. Now let’s have a look at top diet apps for iOS. It will help you to compare your idea with leaders and avoid their mistakes.

Calorie Counter & Diet Tracker by MyFitnessPal

It shows how your daily exercises affect your body. It has a huge database for your meal control despite of its user friendly interface. For a reason, MyFitnessPal is the most popular fitness app.

Diet Assistant: Weight Loss

Allows you to track your meals, create shopping lists and chat with other users.


Here you can track your every movement during the workout and earn point for your achievements. It has a strong motivational program; you can share your results with professionals and workout newbies like you.

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What about money?

I think that the first question that comes to mind if you want to create an app is how much it will cost? Well, there are lots of numbers, every company has its own pricelist. Actual numbers depend on developer's hourly rate. So let’s look at how much time it will take to create a diet app for IOS. I’ll list several steps of client development with hours that are needed to occupy them:

  • Project management. We create a team of our employees, plan every step. About 40-50 hours
  • Technical specification. We draw up all the documentation according to your requirements. It will take about 35-50 hours
  • Designing and crafting a prototype. Our UI/UX designers usually do it in 50 hours
  • Quality assurance. We do a thorough test of all app features. It takes about 80-100 hours
  • Bug fixing. If something is wrong after tests, we fix everything. This step also includes post-release step as a part of a custom support.

There are also Backend development, QA testing and PM working on the project in the app development process. As we can see, the whole project will take nearly 800 developmebt hours. Depending on hourly rate of picked developers we can predict approximate total price of your diet application, it will start from $28,000-$60,000.


As you can see, a diet app market is an extremely good field for a startup. A good idea will break through in every case so it’s up to you. If you want to calculate your approximate budget, there are tips above. You can also contact our project managers and consult about any questions you have.