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How Much Does it Cost to Develop an App like AirBNB

How Much Does it Cost to Develop an App like AirBNB


Everyone has ever dreamed to travel somewhere far away from their routine life. The desire is pretty noble but there are lots of hidden rocks on the traveller's way. But here comes the rescue that can annihilate most of the problems. It's AirBNB, an ultimate decision for every traveller who doesn’t want to overpay for accommodation. This platform turned the whole vision of travelling upside down.

As far as travelling experience becomes more and more easy, huge amount of countries are within arm's reach. AirBNB is a flagship of short-time rent platforms and the experience that it gives is hard to overestimate.

Today we will talk about working details of services and companies like AirBNB and estimate basic expenses to develop a mobile app like AirBNB. After reading this article you will certainly know how to develop an AirBNB clone. We will also discuss some trends and benefits inside the industry.

But first, let’s organize our experience and divide this article on several topics.

  • Principles of work performance
  • Trends
  • Stages of production
  • Numbers

How much does it cost to develop an app like AirBNB
What is AirBNB built on?

At the moment AirBNB provides booking services in more than 190 countries. There are lots of opportunities for booking in AirBNB and they vary from an airbed in a hostel to a huge castle. All you have to do is download the app via App Store or Google Play, register your profile or use a Facebook or Google integration. Then you can find an offer in a desirable place. AirBNB is a great solution for both travellers and hosts. The second ones are able to promote their properties using titles, descriptions and photographs. They create a free user profile like in any social network, so potential guests can get to know a bit about the host. In turn, travellers search the available database of properties by entering details about when and where they'd like to travel.

As client clicks on “Book it”, he enters his payment details and instantly pay about 10% of the cost to cover customer support and reservation guarantee. There are also value-added taxes acting in Switzerland, Norway and all European Union countries.

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Travelling trends

As we ascertained above, travelling becomes easier, more comfortable and cheap. There are quite a bunch of website similar to AirBnB like Booking.com and Couchsurfing.com that greately contribute to that. Even AirBnB tech blog was started for the same purposes, in particular to uncover insights about how people travel today, what they prefer and how to incorporate their preferences in an app. For the sake of convenience, let’s classify new trends on several paragraphs:

  • Expensive leisure. This way of travelling is popular among businessmen as they are able to spend tons of money to rent a cruise liner or even a castle.
  • Solo travelling. Now people rarely travel with their families. It helps them to free their mind, have new experience, meet cultures they could never meet on guiding excursions.
  • Volunteering. It’s the most popular way of travelling among students and young professionals. There are a lot of organizations that provide free or very cheap volunteer trips.

How to develop an app like AirBNB
Stages of production

App development is a very complicated process and it requires toilsome preparations. So let’s talk about how apps similar to AirBnB are actually created. So let’s list several stages and people that need to be involved in production.


Basic preparations. Every app building project starts with creating an overall strategy. Here we create a plan of future actions according to customer's requirements and special wishes.

  • 15-25 hours for a project setup
  • About 20 hours for API implementation
  • 10-15 on implementation of various features


Users will be able to register their own profile. In case of an app like AirBNB, there is a need to separate profiles on two types: guest and host. Approx time to cover this segment is 15 hours.

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They are necessary to make searching for guests more comfortable. It will also help hosts to concretize their offer. That way guests will be able to choose country they want to visit, spot they want to stay in and other extra staff like number of people or something more specific. It will be great to incorporate filters like:

  • room type (entire house, private room in it, shared room with someone else)
  • price range
  • size (number of bedrooms, bathrooms or other)
  • amenities
  • neighborhood
  • property type
  • language the host can speak with guest
  • special offers like extra breakfast, laundry, sauna or a swimming pool

To cover this feature it will take 20-25 hours approximately
Airbnb cost


When people made a decision on what they want to use from mentioned above filters, an app shows options that satisfy those filters restrictions and users start to choose between them. What they actually see? Here are some features that we need to incorporate in order to provide user with full info:

  • photos
  • reviews
  • rating
  • user comments
  • terms
  • descriptions
  • map

It is one of the most difficult steps to perform so it will take about 160-180 hours.


This is the most important component in developing any kind of app including AirBNB like apps. You need to remember that IOS app development and Android app development are different things, so it's influential in calculating the total cost. It’s a very laborious and time-consuming process, so we will need about 600 hours or more to cover it.


So how much does AirBNB take to be developed? We have reached the most interesting part. So how much doest an app like AirBNB cost? If we’ll try to calculate, about 900 hours are needed to develop an app like AirBNB. Our hourly rate is 35$ per hour so if we multiply we get $ 30 000. For a protocol, numbers that are performed above are not of the supreme veracity. To estimate all the expenses you need to list all the features you need.

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