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How Much Does it Cost to Develop an Android App

How Much Does it Cost to Develop an Android App


Mind blowing news has shaken the world lately: Apple lost its growth tempo and its total revenue decreased through 2016 comparing to 2015. That means a nice opportunity for Android to win over even more users. Though 87% share of the total market is all too much, but funny to say it’s still not enough to score even close to Apple’s yield.

One way or another, growth of Android OS share will bring Android development cost to surge as more potential users become available to attract into Android apps, therefore more revenue to earn. But all that’s not so simple and the choice of whether develop Android app or iPhone app is substantial. Let’s review point by point why you should develop an Android app and how much is a Android app costs and compare Android app development cost in India, America, Europe and Australia.

How Much Does it Cost to Develop an Android App

What makes Android more beneficial to develop?

1) A for Android’s Affordability that’s represented in the following advantages:

  • option to provide a beta-version of application with closed access for certain users to test out. It’s useful to see public’s first reaction, so one could prevent possible epic fail or fix little details to ensure that application is fully loaded to meet expectations of today's picky users;
  • less money to pay, 25 $ one-time payment to ante up for developer registration and none is to publish Android app cost. Simple and thrifty. And how much does it cost to publish an app on App store, you think? You should pay nearly 100 $ monthly;
  • a little more loose restrictions and requirements and less permissions to surpass comparing to App Store publishing procedure;
  • thus, quick examination on whether app is prone to be laid out on Google Play comparing to App Store’s tardiness; same goes for updating. In a world that’s spinning faster and faster with each day it’s an important attribute.

2) Flexibility is another characteristic that differs Android from other OS. Android apps can be written on Windows, Linux and even Mac, but iOS apps are developed on Mac only. Two languages that are used to create Android apps are Java and recently in Kotlin, both ridiculously portable to Ubuntu, Blackberry and Symbian. That will save money in the long-term.

3) Profitability myth busted. Though there is a common idea that iOS apps are more profitable, top Android apps are as good and as profitable in comparison. Also in relation to Apple losing its gloss expectations are for revenue to drift into Google Play.

That’s some weighty causes to opt for Android instead of iOS as the main app for business. But there is always a spoon of tar in a barrel of honey, and we won’t secrete anything from our customers. All cards are laid on the table, Sirs and Mesdames!

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Disadvantages of Android app development

When the question comes tohow much does it cost to make anAndroid app, there are notable reasons that don't work in favour of Android app development. As a result,app building process islenghtenwhichincreases total expenditures, on the onther hand, each has a proper solution. Here are main disadvantages of development of Android app:

1) Most Android apps has longer code by half. Although most of it is generated automatically, it still influences time of app making process and therefore total development costs;

2) Also operating speed of Android emulators greatly affects Android development process. There are solutions to this issue like GenyMotion, but even with their help iOS emulators are still quicker.

3) Android devices fragmentation is a topic for a separate article that should include methods of optimization total expenditures due to this Android development peculiarity. To gain the most vivid impression of Android device differentiation, look over next demonstration by OpenSignal as on August, 2015.

How Much Does it Cost to Develop an Android App

There is an opinion that such diversification insures against corrupting programs break-in, because it’s hardly possible that anyone will try to invest into Android hacking and development of such a cross-functional softwares.

But if you investigate on the market a little bit more you might see that 85,6% market share is under four main Android OS versions - 4.4 KitKat, 5.0 and 5.1 - Lollipop, 6.0 - Marshmallow, 7.0, 7.1 - Nougat. It simplifies Android software development in general.

3) As already was said there is an issue about Android security condition. That is why it is strongly recommended to utilize additional software like ProGuard that minifies and obfuscates programming code, so manipulating on your code becomes almost infeasible.

Let’s draw a conclusion, it cannot be denied that Android has some lacks but they can’t be considered as major ones. Also development of Android apps gives an access to a huge market which in turn contains a potential of a vast revenue along with reputation and brand growth.

How Much Does it Cost to Develop an Android App

What’s the cost to develop Android app?

Total cost of Android app development depends on the number of the following options:

  • app complexity (simple, medium, complex, database, game)
  • type of app (native or cross-platform)
  • development team composition
  • business model (Time & Material vs Fixed Price)

Based on the above Thunderrise Dev Team recommends to choose Android app development with following options:

  1. choose native app and Time & Material model;
  2. pick a team consisted at least of Project Manager, designer, developer and QA tester;
  3. make an MVP and test it on the limited circle of users;
  4. start from simple or medium app and gradually add desired features.

Bear in mind that with adding different features like additional screens, complex animation, in-app purchase option and other will expand app functionality, thus take more time and increase total Android cost.

Here is some hourly rate prices in different world regions to muse on:

  • India: 10-80 $ per hour
  • Eastern Europe: 30-100 $ per hour
  • Western Europe: 40-180 $ per hour
  • North America: 50-250 $ per hour
  • Australia: 50-150 $ per hour

It’s obvious, that the cost of developing an Android app in India is extremely low, so you must keep in mind that you only get what you paid for. Cost of mobile app development in India is really tempting enough to choose an Indian developer over American or Australian, but when it comes to quality of the outcome product it would be wise to explore European developers as the ideal choice of balance between quality and price.

How much does it cost to develop an Android app

Having seen such prices some people might think “I want to develop an Android app by myself”. We should warn you that it still won't be for free as it seems, this way smartphone app development cost will be measured with your time, strengths and perhaps money spent on programming studies. Always remember to accurately estimate your project previously. So the most obvious answer a question of “What do I need to develop an Android app?” is a troubleproof loyal experienced development team. And we have some we can advise to you.

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Outsourcing app development team has its pros and cons and should be carefully considered in advance. So please, read our insightful guide on the topic that we hope, will help you with your agony of choosing.

In short, we can advise you to thoroughly discuss features of your app and ask your developer how much to develop a mobile app will take time. Methodologies, technologies and other questions of how to develop an Android application is a bother of your developer. In case you have some specific technology you wish to implement, be sure to argue this with your team before the development stage.

Thunderrise Dev Team wishes you good luck on your future projects. Keep in touch with us and we'll make sure everything goes as smooth as a moonwalk.