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How Much Does It Cost to Create an App Like Aviary

How Much Does It Cost to Create an App Like Aviary


Nowadays we are used to capture every memorable and not-so-much moment of our daily lives. It became a part of the current culture. If you don’t post the picture from the gym, have you even been there?

Either you are a blogger who makes profit out of your Instagram account or an ordinary individual wanting to share your morning Starbucks of choice or how particularly cute your cat looks today, you want your social media pictures to look good and draw attention. Here come the photo editing apps. There are many on the market and our example for today is Aviary.
How To Create a Photo Editing App Like Aviary

What is Aviary and how does it work

Aviary is a flagship photo editor with wide set of tools and functions, available for both iOS and Android users.

‘Serious photo editing. Made for fun’ is the slogan you see on their website. If you scroll through Aviary’s gallery you will see what they mean. Dozens of filters, stickers, frames, and much more features don’t leave a chance for your pictures to stay plain and boring. It’s easy to manipulate the filters and immediately publish the result to any popular social network. However to share the photo within the app by uploading it to your feed you need to have an Adobe ID, which is not very convenient. Aviary’s main profit comes from additional paid effects and stickers.

Let’s check out some more photo editing apps and how creators make profit off them:


It is available for both iOS and Android users. Prisma Lab claims to have used the Artificial Neural Networks algorithm technology to create such product. Prisma is different from other photo editing apps. Your photo isn’t overlaid with the filter, the app cites your original image and creates a new one from scratch, applying the edit of your choice. It is most known for the filters that transform your photo into works of famous artists such as Picasso or Van Gogh. Prisma lets its users share their photos via Facebook and Instagram, which provides social interaction.

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Created in 2011, VSCOCam gained great popularity from its impressive number of aesthetic filters, and had soon grown to content creation and sharing platform. Its interaction method went far and now registered user are able to share their photos, create timelines, tag other people and view and edit photos through all devices that user has via the Sync function. VSCO gains profit through in-app purchases as well as partnership with photographs and business companies.
How To Create a Photo Editing App Like Aviary


Are there even any words needed? Instagram is the most well-known photo editing and interaction app on the market. It is simple, available, and intuitive. As you may have noticed, Instagram doesn’t have an option for additional paid effects. It has proven to be a reliable Business to Client platform, and its monetisation method is based on paid advertisement.

So how to create an original photo editor app that will win over users’ hearts and will be number one in application stores, and how much will it cost? Let’s find out.

What to concider while creating a photo editing app:

  • Effects. Of course effects are the main part of a photo editing app, so pay attention to those. Add a variety of them: some classics like colour and brightness correcting ones, sharpness, vignette, focus, blur, adding text or stickers (you can get very creative with those)
  • Monetization. If you want to have profit from your app, you need to choose a way of monetizing it. It can be either in-app purchases such as additional effect or sticker packs, or paid advertisement of companies or services. If you choose a second one, you can also offer paid ad-free monthly subscription.
  • Speed. You can add all kinds of enhancers to make pictures look like they are out of this word, but if an app takes a long time to process those changes the customer would not be happy.
  • Sharing. Creating a masterpiece of a picture is not enough, it needs to be shared and seen. Provide your customers with an ability to instantly share their finished edit via the most popular social media platforms or create an in-app gallery or feed with developed interactive features.
  • Testing. Of course it is an a priori step, but we decided to include this one too. Run all the tests, maybe even more than once, as there is no more frustrating thing than bugs in an app. Also make sure to stalk all the user feedback in application stores after the launch.
  • Marketing. PR company plays a huge part in a success of any kind of app. To make it fly out to the first pages of application stores you need to work out a good marketing strategies.

How To Create a Photo Editing App Like Aviary
To sum up, you need to make your app easy, functional, and client-orientated. All of the steps require attention, so do not miss out on any of them.

If you want to create a photo editing app like Aviary, you should hire an app development team so Thunderrise is at your service. Have some questions or want to start a project? Contact us for a free consultation.