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How Much Does it Cost to Create a Navigation app Like Waze

How Much Does it Cost to Create a Navigation app Like Waze


GPS tracking has become remarkably popular among users worldwide. Everyone, either a student looking for a library nearby or a trucker heading up to the warehouse, is using a navigation app. And that is the primary reason why this type of applications is becoming incredibly viral. It's used each time user gets lost or tries not to get lost in the first place. We open our GPS system numerous times every single day.

And, for real, if you have an outstanding dream of becoming one of those multi-millionaires who has built the whole empire on navigation app development, this article is your little manual to get per aspera ad astra.

How Much Does it Cost to Create a Navigation app Like Waze?

What is Waze?

Whenever you're thinking of any navigation mobile app, the first thing coming to your mind would probably be Google Maps. But today, we're going to talk about other traffic app named Waze. Let's check the other apps Waze is similar to in a certain way:

Even though Google owns it, Waze is still giving you remarkable options variety in comparison with other GPS apps. So, how much did Google pay for Waze? Google reported on the acquisition of Waze for a $1.3 billion in total.

Waze navigation app is a unique mix of regular GPS tracker functionality with human insight features build in on top of that. It's a runner-up among the most popular GPS-tracker apps (right after Google Maps being 1st on the list). It has both iOS version and Waze Android app.

Waze gives you the most relevant information about traffic, car accidents, roads conditions, and even police patrols locations. And here is the best part of it... People using the app are those, who are making the reports about all the above.

As a result, Waze gathers the algorithms to build the most efficient lane based on drivers evidence. It's genius. People can even make pictures and leave comments real-time being on or off the road. User interface is simple, understandable and not oversaturated with useless features at all.

Since user is the primary player here, it's super accurate, as Waze is showing real-time changes and would suggest you to reroute once something edgy is happening on the road (again, according to the other drivers judgments). Waze also has a smart search based on the previous selections and preferred lanes.

How Much Does it Cost to Create a Navigation app Like Waze?

Features that make a difference:

1. Exceptional usability

You will notice that Waze is super easy to operate with as it has a pretty intuitive interface. You won't get options of questionable value and app won’t ask you 21 question to start working.

2. Real-time notifications

Since Waze is using people's reviews as a background for the lane building, it promptly gives you the most accurate and consistent updates on every single road accident, weather change, whatsoever.

3. Waze Add-ons

Waze does not only help you with navigation, but it also has a connection with such services as Facebook and FourSquare, which might be helpful to find your friends nearby.

4. Carpooling

In 2016 Waze started its own carpooling campaign with the release of Waze Rider. Whenever you're driving, the program is learning from your lanes and if any passenger is heading up the same way you are, BOOM!- he will be showed up on your screen.

5. Waze API & SDK

There are a lot of big players on the market that are using Waze SDK for their needs and getting all the guidance and routing features from Waze app. These involve Cabify, Lyft, JustPark, and others.

With all those features involved, the other question would arise: how much data does Waze use? Well, no more than regular navigation apps, so no worries for those who have their wireless connection uncapped.

How Much Does it Cost to Create a Navigation app Like Waze?

How does Waze make money and where is the revenue coming from?

When it comes to monetization question, Waze is using the location-based ad model as a source of incomes. They launched this service in 2012 and made a million dollars for the first year of its existence.

Small business companies are paying Waze to be advertised to the large audience. Advertiser marks his place on the Waze map and decides what amount of money he commits to pay each month on a subscription basis. Each time driver approaches the small restaurant, barber shop or grocery store, Waze is showing an ad of that place. Since Waze always knows exact destination point of the user, his preferred lanes and regular routes, it makes this ad type super efficient.

How much money does it cost to make a mobile app like Waze?

Now, when the functionality is identified, and some of the unique features are set, let's get into the calculating of the estimate.

Time to deal with development and there are two things you need to be concentrated on deciding to start the creation of navigation app.

1. Native app development

Since the app uses the accelerometer & GPS sensors of your smartphone, it will be working differently compared to the same application for PC, Mac or any other device, for instance. That’s why we recommend developing a separate app for each operating system to achieve better results in security, usability, and functionality.

2. MVP Mantra

Wise development is concentrated on a minimum viable product, which directly claims "C'mon man, don't waste your money to stuff your app with more functionality at the very beginning, it increases costs along with the risk if the product fails."

Firstly, and most importantly, you need to deliver the idea to the user: why this product is worthy? Taking first steps, deal with the audience essential needs and start from there.

How Much Does it Cost to Create a Navigation app Like Waze?

Basic functionality

  1. Profiles and authorization. We need to fulfill app with the profiles of real drivers, with photos, some profile info, etc. The best way to do that is through social media accounts. Let your users be able to register with Google, Facebook or even LinkedIn. It takes up to 20 hours for the devs to implement the feature package for each operating system.
  2. Navigation system. 1st place standing function of any GPS-tracking app is navigation. Hopefully, there is an incredibly wide variety of options: Google Maps SDK or Apple MapKit are there to come to assistance. That would take about 100 hours in total.
  3. Voice instructions. Voice directions is a great feature to get some humanity involved into navigation process. Developers would spend another 50 hours working on it.


Asking 'How much does it cost?' question, in this case, is like calculating the house building cost. You never know. But, based on the features included into the starter-pack, it fluctuates from $30 000 to $150 000 for a Waze like navigation app.

Our team will assist you in dealing with the development process from scratch. Just say a word about what your goal is and we will get everything from development to production and support done in a timely manner. Any questions, welcome!