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How Much Does It Cost to Create a Movie App like Netflix

How Much Does It Cost to Create a Movie App like Netflix


Netflix&Chill is one of the most popular evening pastime. Nowadays people can entertain themselves with any movie, series or TV show they want with modern modern approach of TV broadcasting that doesn’t obligate you to turn channels searching for a good show. Thanks to constant Internet connection we are always able to to find something that we should love.

Netflix app is the most famous online subscription platform for watching movies, series and TV shows. It draws viewers from all over the world. And there’s an obvious question: how? What is the secret? Netflix holds up to 90 millions of users worldwide and about 45 millions solely in US. The company costs about $6.9 billions. The app works on iOS, Android, Mac, PC, Smart TV and so on. So how to start a business like Netflix? That’s what we talk about today.

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How it works

Netflix streaming allows to watch movies, series and TV show and is a subscription service. It has a huge catalog of content so it’s proven to be the largest video-on-demand platform. As you’ve paid a monthly fee, you get an unlimited access to all the content. You can download an app and use it for free for the first trial month. Let’s review the key features of apps like Netflix.

  • Using this app, you can watch as many shows/movies/series as you want, wherever you want and anytime you want
  • Unlimited free access during the first month so users could test an app and an app could tempt users to pay a subscription
  • Users can switch between devices, start watching a movie on a kitchen via smartphone and resume it on a TV with sandwiches.
  • You don’t need to wait for new episode launch on Netflix. It’s uploaded instantly after the telecast

What to implement

Online streaming is a really heavy metal for programmers. It requires a lot of work with backend for processing in real time. In Netflix app development you have to remind that the more features you want to implement to your product, the more money you have to spend. Let’s have a look at the most crucial features for online streaming services like Netflix:

Choosing the right platform. Actually, project of such size has to be supported by as many platforms as possible. But for an MVP it’s a good idea to start from one OS and add other ones when app gains popularity.

User registration and profiles. It’s an indispensable feature for every app nowadays. It’s often up to registration with social networks or Google account so users won’t need to manually put their personal data. Profiles allow users to add more people to watch their own TV shows.

Filters. It’s also really crucial because what differs TV apps like Netflix is a freedom in choosing the show you like. So content search is needed and filters are the best way to implement it. Users would like to search by genres, actors, studios etc.

Payment system implementation. You can just use an App Store and Google Play API to integrate their payment systems. For other OSs it’s a good idea to implement PayPal or its’ alternatives.

Design. It must be user-friendly and intuitive. Complicated design alienate users from using them. So simple and trendy design is a great feature.

Push notifications. Push technologies allow users to inform users about new content or remind them to pay a subscription fee. Really convenient feature both for users and you as a business owner.

Comments and social share. You don’t need to create a custom chat for your Netflix-like app but comments could entertain new viewers to a show. Social sharing also helps to communicate with other users and attract new ones.

Choosing a business model

What’s a good thing in alternatives to top application? The answer lies in their “alternativeness”. So it’s not enough just to replicate Netflix business model because you don’t offer anything new.

But an app similar to Netflix won’t bring you a profit if it will be totally free. Here are some ideas for you how your app should make money:

  • You can obligate users to buy content. They enter your app and buy an access to a show or movie they want.
  • You can use a freemium model. In this case, users could use your app for free but the content will be limited. To unlock the full access users must to pay a monthly/weekly/quarter fee.
  • Create family plans or special plans for students or children.

Market researches show that the more people are entertained by an app, the more likely they will pay for it. So to increase your apps’ popularity you should chase every client.

PR campaign is also very crucial for app marketing. You should start it just after you have thoroughly elaborated you business model. Streaming app like Netflix is really hard to create so you need a good marketing strategy to compensate expenses on development.

If you want to create an application like Netflix, you should hire an app development team so Thunderrise is at your service. Have some questions or want to start a project? Contact us for a free consultation.