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How much does an app like Pandora Radio cost

How much does an app like Pandora Radio cost


What people like in Pandora radio app? It’s a bit evident if you know what people actually like in discovering new music. Because new music can open something new in the void of human mind? Or because while playing a musical instrument musician plays on our heartstrings? No one can get an ultimate answer but we see what we see: apps like Pandora gain lots of popularity.

Pandora is an online music streaming platform that allows people to listen to the music they are into. Created in 1999 as a Savage Beast Technologies with the idea of “browsing music” feature, Pandora still doesn’t let competitors to outstrip it. Today we gonna speak about how much does Pandora cost and how to create a music app like Pandora?

How much does an app like pandora radio cost

Work principles

Like in common radio, Pandora has stations that are set by specifying categories like artist, song, genre or a combination of several categories. Users can like or dislike songs by thumbing up and down. But be careful, these ups and downs are influential on the further playlist (thumb down Rihanna twice - no more Rihanna in the playlist).

Business model

How much is Pandora Radio raising every year? The full revenue of 2015 is $1.16b. Let’s have a look at how Pandora gains revenue. It’s indispensable for analyzing competitors’ success.

The dominant monetization platform for Pandora Radio is advertising. That’s why amount of listeners engaged is crucial for them. So does Pandora cost money? As it’s evident that it provides a fee-based subscription to eliminate ads.

There is also an extra way of revenue for streaming services like Pandora. They collaborate with online music store like ITunes or Amazon Music. When you listen to a song in Pandora, there’s always a “Buy” button that directs you to the store.

The scourge of all music streaming services also govern Pandora. I speak about music licensing. That’s why Pandora is available only in US, Australia and New Zealand. Fractionally, it explains huge popularity of Spotify and other competitors that are available in Europe.

How much does an app like pandora radio cost

What to implement

As we have puzzled out the situation with Pandora, let’s talk about practical things. We will start with listing of essential music app features with their explanation.

The first thing is registration and authorization. It’s crucial for every application nowadays and music ones are not the exception. But do you need an actual account creation? When people launch an app at first, they want to see its’ features as quick as possible so account creation will slow the first experience down. So it’s a good idea to implement a Google/Facebook/Twitter synchronization or registration by email and mobile phone number.

Browse feature and search filters. The whole idea of music streaming apps lies in users’ choice, they must be able to listen their favourite music without any effort (except your business model). So you have to provide users with search by artist/song/album/genre/origin (at least) and so on. And here comes an initial problem of music apps: they don’t have enough filters.

Music has a lot of genres and shades and users that prefer something specific are limited with filters app offers to them. In this way, using “Rock” tag, people obtain both Metallica and Dream Theater (but they differ as hell). No need to say that origin country plays one of the main parts because there are some different traditions in playing the same genre (compare Bjork and Katy Perry, both are pop music but…). So implement an advanced filtering and a lot of music core fans will be yours.

Sharing for social network users. No need to say that almost everyone now is involved in social media so it’s really essential. Social sharing is a good opportunity to raise more users because users will share your playlists on Facebook or Twitter. Their friends will be like “Oh great song, maybe in this app I should find another good ones”.

Offline access. Despite internet technologies are extremely widespread, there are still places without free connection or without connection at all. It’s also for low battery level gadgets because online streaming gains pretty much energy. Modern cloud computing allows to store music in application cache files so users can listen to their favourite songs offline.

How much does an app like pandora radio cost

Extra features

There are also some features that are not crucial but implementing them will put you a step further your competitors so disregard them.

Festival calendar. Great thing that concert lovers will definitely appreciate. User could trace shows that are nearby. And here comes an extra revenue source: you can provide a ticket sale.

Chatting. Users could unite in fan clubs to discover new music they might like. It will bring an additional positive user experience and if you make this chatting a premium feature - more revenue.

And something for musicians. Allow local bands to upload their demos for a little fee. Who knows, maybe they are next Rolling Stones? Platforms like Bandcamp and SoundCloud give newborn artists a chance to gain popularity without depriving themselves.

What about money?

What does Pandora Radio cost? Maybe the most interesting and ambiguous question. You need to hire app development team and here there’s a huge range of costs. For example, Silicon Valley developers cost more money (a lot more) than their colleagues from Eastern Europe or India. Everything comes down to a team of developers, amount of features you want to implement and their complexity. And, of course, licensing. Licensing such a huge library of music like Pandora cost a lot so be ready to invest a little-big money before launch.


To sum up, creating a music streaming application is really labour-consuming process. But there’s a huge demand on such software so don’t hesitate if you’ve got an idea. I hope instructions mentioned above will be helpful and if you have any questions left, feel free to contact us.