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How Long Does it Take to Build an iOS or Android Mobile App?

How Long Does it Take to Build an iOS or Android Mobile App?


If you want to create a successful mobile app, you should mastermind an accurate and detailed plan of development process first. Furthermore, you definitely muse on how long does it take to design an app and how much does it cost. In this article we will help you cover the question of time consumption once and for all.

Labour-consuming process of app development

Programming is much harder than doing mathematics (с) Doron Zeilberger
App development includes a lot of a variety of stages:

  1. design
  2. frontend and backend development 
  3. Q&A
  4. project management of the whole process
    How long does it take to build an iOS or Android mobile app?

During the process development team will design prescriptions of stages, the workflow process explanation and create unique coding system. These aspects should be considered even before the development of a mobile app.

Your future mobile app will be merged with a back-end server through APIs. There is abundance of APIs servers and software that could be used in app development either be developed simultaneously from scratch.

Remember, you should pay special attention to backend team because the backend is a basis of your future product and frontend Dev Team is a second priority. Backend programmers need additional time for amending and reaching an endpoint of current stage of development before the frontend Dev Team starts working.

Backend programming usually composes of the following options:

  • Data combination: the working “heart” of any iOS or Android apps backend
  • Customers control: safety and verification of a client’s personal data, working out user accounts, authorization control
  • Server regularity: how to cooperate with app’s front-end
  • Push notification: significant way to interact with customers

Frontend programming includes the following features:

  • Frontend regularity: distraining of application software functionality
  • Caching technologies: storing data locally to decrease app’s load time
  • Parallel cooperation: detecting different data problems that appear due to using innovative database software tools
  • Planning future process: making a interface design prototype built on previous customers conduct.

If you want to start your project in 4 months, you should have a consistent software basis and an understanding of the business process of your future product. In this case, the 4-month timeline is alluring, however, there are some different aspects that you should certainly think of. Let’s review the main ones:

How long does it take to build an iOS or Android mobile app?

1. Hire professional staff members

If you want to reach a high goal with your idea, you need a perfect team that knows oats. Project Managers have to set up the documentation before the development process begins. It isn’t included into the 4-month of development. According to customer wishes, this phase of the pre-development period may vary from a 1 or 2 weeks. Project Managers should use modern tracking system for instance: Redmine, JIRA, Pivotal and others. These programs help Project Managers to control timeframes of development stages.Thunderrise also has a qualified team of Q&A engineers that detects bugs in the project’s code.

2. Regular string of development process

For successful and speedy development process you should create a nice frontend and backend combining. Take into account that in case backend part of your project has some defects, it will reduce efficiency of your frontend team developers. We always give some extra time to our backend programmers before our frontend developers start programming code. Also it’s significant to compose functionality reports in order to control the development process.

3. Range outward interdependencies

Interaction with external libraries is the constant issue in any mobile app development process. That’s Project Manager create technical documentation for a vivid demonstration of how programming process runs to use external libraries initially. Also we conduct special meetings that we use to coordinate future plans and discuss certain aspects with development team and CEO. If you want to check the functionality of your future product we recommend you ask your developer to write a trial code that shows the result you’ll receive.

There are a lot of factors that can influence established timeframes. Possible risks should be considered and included in general schedule of a project.

How long does it take to build an iOS or Android mobile app?

What factors influence complexity of app development?

  1. Scope of the Project
  2. Design and Graphics
  3. Requirements Documentation
  4. Integration with Third Party Systems
  5. Testing and Bug Fixing
  6. Ongoing Maintenance

Considering this time taken for app development can differ largely.

Thunderrise Dev Team commonly develops a qualitative app, that’s ready for release in AppStore or Play Market within next timeframes.

There are three types of app complexity:

  1. simple (no server interaction)
  2. medium (static data with server interactions)
  3. complex (CRM, web, social media interactions)

Considering these and all possible factors that can affect the workflow Thunderrise app development depending on app complexity takes:

  • simple: 1-2 months
  • medium: 2-4 months
  • complex: 4+ months

Most of the projects tend to end up being in complex group, mainly because during development process customer strives to improve an app in any possible way and initiates different changes and improvements to application.

If you aim high and want to create a top app, set a real challenge first. Know, we are ready to accept it anytime and transform your idea into an app. Thinderrise Dev Team will gladly develop an app of any type of complexity for you within reasonable timeframes.