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Hotel Industries

Hotel Industries


Market Overview

Travelling industry is only growing with time, and the conjoined development of mobile technology was destined to cross the paths with it.

Overall online travel sales grew from $93.8 billion in 2007 to $162.4 billion in 2012. According to dcs plus, 65% of hotel bookings are made using a smartphone. For example TripAdvisor, one of the flagship travel and booking apps, receives 150 million active monthly users and in 2016 it generated an advertising revenue of $150 billion.

Hotel Application

Application’s Main Features

When it comes to apps for hotels, you definitely have some space to play with original and peculiar features. You can add some perks only available for app  users, allow ordering room service via the app, make it compatible with popular social media or create your own photo gallery for users to share with one another. The list can go on and on, trust me.

Here we have picked some basic points for you to consider when contemplating developing your own hotel booking app:

  • Hotel service/amenities description and reservation
  • Different payment methods
  • Multiple languages + currency converter (if your app is global)
  • Ratings and feedback
  • Personalized user profile with a booking story
  • Notifications for reminding users of their trip
  • Discounts/additional services

Hotel Application
How to Create a Hotel Booking App

As of creator of a hotel booking app, you got quite a responsibility on your shoulders. Travelling can oftentimes be a rather stressful experience, especially if we are talking about last-minute booking, so you are in charge of providing the best service for customers who trust you in such a hustle. The development process and chosen functionality are of course dependant and even personal, but there are some core features, necessary for every hotel booking app:

  • Registration
  • Reservation service
  • Payment gateway
  • Geolocation services
  • Notifications
  • Social networks integration
  • Design

Do you have a question?

A note from Thunderrise:

Development of this app will take about 500 hours, and a team of Android developer, iOS developer, web developer and designer will be able to finish it in about two to three months.

Of course, we cannot name the final price of your exact product right of the bat, since it depends largely on the desired features and your developer’s hourly rate.

If you want to get an estimation and develop your own hotel booking app, make sure to contact us.

Go here if you you are interested in getting more information on the topic.