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Healthcare Industries

Healthcare Industries


Market Overview

According to Referral MD, 52% of smartphone users store health-related data on their devices, and 61% have a healthcare downloaded on their phone. And these figures are predicted to grow 33% by 2020! Moreover, an extraordinary majority of 93% of physicians actually believe that healthcare mobile applications are helpful at improving patients’ health, and they stress on the importance of ones that are connected to the emergency sources. If you are still hesitating, the mobile healthcare industry is now on $20 billion, and the figure is predicted to triple by 2020.
Healthcare Applications

Types of Healthcare Applications and their Main Features

There is a huge variety of healthcare applications on the market and it would be unforgivable of us not to mention at least the most popular ones to show how wide the specter is:

  • Doctor On Demand
  • Condition Monitoring
  • Women’s Health
  • Healthy Lifestyle
  • Diet and Weightloss
  • Mental Health
  • Fitness Tracker
  • Medical Records

As the first medical postulate reads - Nonmaleficence - or ‘do not harm’, healthcare applications, as an extension of real life healthcare services in your smartphone, must be helpful in the first place. When it comes to mHealth applications, the qualities and features it must possess are as follows:

  • Simple and intuitive UX
  • Mild and pleasing to look at UI
  • Performing its functions properly
  • Keeping patient’s data secured
  • Synchronizing among multiple devices

Healthcare Applications
How to Create a Healthcare App

As you have seen earlier on, you’ve got some choice when considering developing a healthcare app. The features vary as well, but here we’ve gathered the ones that we find the most essential for mHealth products:

  • Personal profile
  • Push notifications
  • Tracking service
  • Scheduling
  • Payment system
  • Cloud integration
  • Smartwatch feature

Do you have a question?

A note from Thunderrise:

mHealth app development will take about 550 hours, and a team of Android developer, iOS developer, web developer and designer will be able to finish it in about three to four months.

You will only be able to get a relevant final price after discussing the project with a chosen team, based on the type of application, your desired features and their hourly rate.

If you want to get an estimation and develop your own healthcare app, make sure to contact us.

Go here if you you are interested in getting more information on the topic.