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Halloween Party Thunderrise Dev Team

Halloween Party Thunderrise Dev Team


October has been a month of festivals and celebrations all over the world for centuries now. We all heard of Halloween, but few know that it is actually one of the oldest celebrations in the world. The story is thousands of years old and is present in different cultures and religions. It dates back to Celtic Samhain festival, Roman Pomona’s Day and Christian All Saints’ Day. It somehow combines Celtic tradition of praising the evil spirits and a Christian one of worshiping the saints.

Nowadays all that’s left of this heathen celebration is an entertaining tradition. Dressing up as devilry and arranging masquerades on the November, 1st night is a common thing.

On a dark Tuesday night the halls of our business-centre filled up with the fellows crawling into the dark skanky room where a candlelit dinner awaited. Tonight’s menu is slouching jelly worms, werewolf sandwiches and loads of other scum. But even the scariest of dishes have been swept from the table at a stroke. We don’t get scared so easily!

According to the Irish legend a tramp named Jack couldn’t find his way to kingdom come and wandered about lighting up his way with a handmade pumpkin lighter, that’s where the name - Jack’s Light - comes from. I think Jack by the Thunderrise Team turned out wickedly beautiful, our guys did a great job.
happy halloween

The night ended with watching a horror comedy and stuffing our faces with treats. The scary gathering must go on!