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Event App Development

Event App Development


For the last few years, event industry has reached a new level. As always, the main reason is a huge and fast increase of technologies. It means that using newest engines leads to competitiveness growth. Because of an extremely huge demand, creating an event planning app is a good idea to found a startup. So let’s talk about why event apps are so popular.

The answer can be separated in two parts. For event arrangers it’s very easy to mess around when you need to take care of so many things. Even if it’s a little concert of chamber music ensemble, those who arrange it do lots of work before the show. Naturally, the bigger your event is, the more resources are needed to be implemented. In that flow of information that surrounds us, it’s easy to forget about a concrete event or leave the tickets behind, get lost on the way and so on.

And here comes an event planner app technology to save both arrangers and attenders of events. It can help you to stay organized on every stage of event managing and minimize stress involved during planning an event.

How to develop event app

What to add 

You may have a question like "How to build event planning apps?" Usually, the most influential things for event apps are the events they are actually built for. So some features can vary from app to app but there are some fundamentals you'd discover by using EventBrite app as example:


It helps people to customize information they want to receive. It’s a good idea not to force people to register their accounts, but to integrate their Facebook, Twitter or Google accounts because there will be no need for attendees to personalize them again specially for party planner app.


Allow your attendees to receive the latest information about the chosen event and prompt them to pay for their tickets or remind the address and stated time.

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Ticket scanning 

It’s a very important feature, because there is a huge demand on digital tickets now so counterfeits might happen.

Mind management

It’s a conception provided to systemize people's knowledge and tasks for reaching better results. If everything you need to take care of is located in one party planning app, the task for event manager simplifies multiply.


Imagine that you want to visit a show of your favourite band but you don’t want to be there alone. First thing you will do is finding like-minded people, so using a party planner apps that allow to do so is a good idea. Integrate a chat so people could discuss their expectations before an event and impressions after it.


Maybe it's the main must-have thing that all зarty planning apps should have. Using geolocation simplifies interactivity with attendees. Your app will be able to automatically send welcome-notifications when an attender arrives to the place or provide nearby people with information about an event so it leads to an audience growth.
How much does it cost to develop event app

Top in the list

So we’ve decided what things your future event application should consist of. Now let’s talk about the best event apps and list their uniques. Then you could analyze their pros and cons and avoid disadvantages and create your event planning app free.

Event Board. At first sight, it’s a light mobile conference app that allows to communicate with attendees without any effort. Also it's able to show newsfeeds, create surveys and build plans. It allows you to create a guide for your event for less than a day.

Grupio. It’s an app that provides attendees with complete event information and allows them to watch all the necessary news. It also can do branding, social messaging, advertising, analytics etc.

MyQuaa. Allows to display content like tweets, comments, photos on entire event wall. As an organizer, you can also turn your analytics in a view of infographics.

Do you have a question?

Event Atlas. It’s a specialized app that helps to manage event schedule in a view of calendar and contact with your speaker and attendees. This application allows users to give an instant feedback about the event.
Songkick. Las Vegas is waiting for you, babe! Okay, there isn't LV only, but TOP-10 cities in US, UK and EU. User can track his favourite bands and search their upcoming concerts, also an app has a convenient system of notifications including tickets pre-sale.

These are not the only competitors on the market. This list of event industry apps is only a handful of the resources out there.

It needs to be said that today we can observe a constant growth of event industry and technologies don’t stay behind. Although apps for events are not an invention of today and there is a pretty big amount of them, there is a still growing demand on more and more advanced technologies. So it’s still a good idea to start a mobile event app startup. So don’t hesitate, contact us to discuss the details of your future even planning app Android or iOS version. We will gladly assist you!