About Us


ThunderRise. StartUP oriented digital agency

Thunderrise is a company based in Europe. We have a lot of clients around the world: San Francisco, San Diego, New York, London, Sydney, Helsinki. We love to travel and we have offices in different countries, so we can always meet our clients and have a face-to-face conversation about project details.

If we agree on working on your project it means we believe in your idea, therefore we are ready to work hard and get your project done the best way.

We will consult you on all the aspects of the release process necessary to get the best possible result. We understand that customers might not be experienced in the IT development sphere and processes, so we will do it in a totally transparent way. We will notify you about all the better solutions we know, and we will be glad to help you make decisions.

We are able to convert any of your ideas of Web or Mobile projects that you approach us with into business. By choosing us as your development team you are getting a friendly team of qualified professionals, masterminds and efficient developers.

You can contact us right now and we will provide all the information you need.

What We Do


We launch advanced commerce platforms



We are into the modern trends, so we have the understanding, that today mobile is the most important point of entry for users. That’s why we pay much attention to native iOS, Android application development.



We launch advanced commerce platforms of the new generation like Lafka which include Mobile apps, and Web development in the widest meaning. We are ready for projects of any complexity.


Product enhancement

Reinvention, reconcideration, redesign or refactoring of your prodacts. Looking for some transformations — we are those who will do your product better.


Support & Updates

We don’t consider our work accomplished until we launch the project. After the project is complete we offer maintenance and support by T&M or fixed monthly rate.


UI/UX & Interaction Design

We are real maniacs of usability and conceptual solutions. In this part we make every effort to combine even the most sophisticated functionality with simple usage.


Graphic Design

Among our team you can find design junkies who are addicted to creation of great looking stuff, pixel-perfect interfaces, beautiful website and creative branding. Complex design, creation of UI and animated interfaces for apps, designing new styles, icons, screens, websites, logos, identity — everything is here!

Our Presentation

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Our Process

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