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Cloud computing

We really care about our clients. Thunderrise develops its own cloud-based system. This system improves clients' assurance in company. This item describes some of the main Сloud Сomputing tips: Advantages of cloud computing, Iaas, Paas, Saas.

IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service) - it is special type of Clouding Computing. This type carries more information than any cloudinbg system, that we have ever had. What does this system give us? IaaS gives us the necessary count of dynamic resourses, that will lend us in future work with the project. In the past we had to use different software for our equipment, however, modern solutions give us an opportunity to implement all of our functionality on one platform. This way we will streamline development process. IaaS avoids demanding client, network IT-infrastructures, data infrastructures.

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PaaS Service (Platform-as-a-Service). This service represents the concrete platform. PaaS offers developers the development environment. This service is primary used for software development. PaaS is a service of high confidence and reliability. Nowadays, PaaS is the best choice for software development.

SaaS (Software as a service). In this type of clouding technologies, software app is an off the peg product. The main advantage of SaaS is the absence of other development expenses (upgrade,download,upload system equipment). SaaS is really adapted to remote control. Thunderrise also uses it in the development process. Our team uses it as a defence against counterfeit software.

In Thunderrise we use all of that systems in our projects. With their help our employees and customers will have remote access to their personal data. Let's do great things together! We are waiting for your message!