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Chatbot Fever: How to Build a Chatbot

Chatbot Fever: How to Build a Chatbot


It's time to tell the truth. Millions of apps are doing the same stuff, some worse, others better, but, most likely, using identical patterns and techniques to represent the results. Almost every app has a bunch of identified algorithms that would just provide you with the features needed in this or that particular situation.

Chatbot Fever: How to Build a Chatbot

What is chatbot?

One of the biggest trends becoming more and more popular nowadays is a chatbot. You may ask why? Well, as we announced before, apps are not intelligent enough to act creatively.

Chat bots are specific programs that imitate dialogue with people with the help of artificial intelligence. Interacting with users through the messengers (e.g. Facebook Messenger, Telegram, etc.), they efficiently respond to the questions and provide answers and other information.

What's the difference and how to make a chatbot?

An app CAN'T communicate using your language, CAN'T give you a piece of advice, yet giving you heart palpitations to get some work done instead. To make things even worse, each application has its unique interface you need to get used to over and over.

Here is where a chatbot can change things a bit.

It is an entirely different story. A chatbot is there once you need it, deprived of such drawbacks as consistent battery draining, stupid interface or complicated setup process.

Here are some reasons why chatbot should be considered as a replacement for the app:

1. Messengers yesterday, today and tomorrow

Messengers become a home screen replacement for a lot of people. We spend an enormous amount of time chatting online, which is why it may be reasonable to get a chatbot instead of creating the app.

2. People do not download new apps pretty often

People are stick to use their favorite applications every day, and less concentrated on downloading of new ones. An average user spends a lot of time on YouTube, Chrome, FB Messenger, Spotify, Viber, and Instagram. Could your app become the one, users spend a lot of time on?

3. 24/7 access and lower development adjustments

There is no need to create native apps for your chatbots. IOS or Android? Doesn't matter... PC or Mac? Doesn't matter! No time waste to be approved with the AppStrore or PlayMarket. No need to worry about retention rates, regular updates, and UI development. At all!

4. Less competitors

Chatbots are not enough advanced so far, that's why every good idea, each new feature can make your bot unique. It's your time to overwrite the trends.

Chatbot Fever: How to Build a Chatbot

Chatbot types

For now, there are two types of chatbots, which are

1. 'Bot on command' - being very limited, it takes only specific commands to get you with any results. Whenever user asks something, that is not posted in a bot's command list, it, most likely, will be ignored.

2. 'Machine learning bot' - this one is fully accomplished. It can learn from natural language and understand the commands through the flow of human's phrases.

Machine learning, AI, and Natural Language Processing

An advanced chatbot is considered to be one if it helps you, acting like a real human (at least responding like a live person). And that's why chatbot should not only learn from people but also understand what they're saying/writing. To achieve these goals, developers use different technologies, such as:

Machine learning - a stack of algorithms based on learning from previous experiences, making responses more accurate with each new case program resolves.

AI- the ability of the program to copy both human condition and the way of thinking. No, developers are still far away from the Terminator creation, but still, succeed in language & text recognition...

Natural Language Processing is the unique technology that helps programs to recognize and understand the text and human language.

Chatbot Fever: How to Build a Chatbot

How to build a chatbot? Use these technologies to start the development, and you will find your niche to put your ‘smart’ bot into.

Examples of the best chatbot integration fields:

  • Weather bot - gives you recent and relevant information about the weather conditions in the area you're looking for.
  • Newsbot - informing you of the latest news and things happening in this world.
  • Advise bot - philosophic service giving you piece of advice each time you need it.
  • Finance bot - is taking financial arrangements under control, managing your incomes and outcomes.
  • Schedule chatbot app - helps to organize your day.

Key Apps of integration:

  • Messenger apps Messengers are the most attractive object to insert your bot into, just because of the audience sizes, and, of course, ready-to-go platforms for easy and painless implementation process.
  • Learning apps The commonly new solution for this kind of apps, which might and should be used, probably in every teaching app. Bot holds a tutor's place, helping you with the tasks as a real teacher and advisor. Duolingo chatbot is a good example of such implementation.
  • FMCG and delivery chatbot apps This is fairly one of best examples where chat bot fits in brilliantly. Whenever user has a tracking number or any scan-code numbers to give to the system, even 'bot on command' is capable of recognizing it, making the delivery check-ups or product search remarkably comfortable.

Chatbot Fever: How to Build a Chatbot

What is the Best AI chatbot can be built with?

Since chatbots are yet the new trend in the IT industry, the variety of choices is somewhat limited, but at the same time, everyone can find something suitable.

Telegram chatbots - platform uses special FatherBot that helps you to create your Telegram chatbot following its lead.

Facebook chatbots - based on wit.ai you can start your own to conquer one of the biggest audiences ever.

Botkit - free powerful to create great bots for FB messenger and Slack with no static. It has superactive GitHub crowdfunding involved into development.

Pandorabots - another free service that includes AI and inclusive independent environment for bot building.

Thunderrise experience of Chatbot creation

Our team was working on the outstanding Lafka project, which was also coming with the Facebook and Telegram chatbots. The bot is able to search any products available in stock, and add those to the virtual basket.

Chatbots was built using NodeJS technology, but after some tests, developers come to a conclusion to overwrite in with Php Yii2, which increased response speed along with significant AI and text processing improvements.

Our team is waiting for your concept to built a significantly new products that will change the whole industry. If you are looking for a passionate team of experienced and creative profeccionals, we are here to come to your assistance.