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Apps for Car Review

Apps for Car Review


Today, people don’t consider their cars just as an instrument of transportation. Someone call their vehicle best friends, give them cute names, hug and kiss them like they are domestic pets. And car manufacturers know it so they try to make drivers experience better and better.

But not only manufacturers care about drivers and their machine friends but app developers too. In this article we will talk about applications for drivers and make a review of the market.

“Apps for car” is a complex definition for a large variety of products. They help users in almost situation of their driving experience (the key is to win a mobile moment of an app). Mobile software now is maybe the best way to personalize your car and keep them up-to-day implementing the newest technologies.
Apps for car review

“Cars” but not only “vehicles”

With the prospering of a “smart car concept” the new niche for both car manufacturers and 3rd party application developers will rise so if you think about creating an app for smart cars, there will be no such a chance.

While smartphone apps are certainly handy and can enhance the driving experience, they can also be distracting to drivers. To cut down on distraction, commercial companies, like Abalta, are developing the technology to project smartphone content onto the main dashboard display, or head unit. By creating a true “connected car experience,” this technology could go a long way in making smartphone users more engaged with your infotainment technology.

OBD II based applications

Using a car computing system, there is a huge space for implementing an app. You can receive statistics of your driving experience, data collected from accelerometer, GPS or gyroscope can be show on your smartphone. You can say that in-car API shows it but it can’t make compares.

Need for navigation

Although standalone GPS devices are still popular, more and more people now turn their view on smartphone integrated navigation HUDs.

It’s obvious that about two-thirds of car drivers use their smartphones for navigation. Modern mobile navigation apps have an ultimate advantage comparing to those systems implemented in car API. Mobile applications are more likely to receive regular updates and fixes. As mobile market in a field of navigation is still evolving, the rest of GPS devices advantages will soon perish.
apps for car review

To love jam but not traffic jams

There is nothing more annoying than getting stuck in huge line of traffic. Some people have agreed with the idea that traffic jams are just part of our lives.

From the development of road traffic, the easiest way to obtain information about traffic stucks was a radio. And again, here comes mobile software, again to make our lives better. Apps allow to have a real-time control on making your route proper. Traffic apps meet with navigation systems and a lot of them unify anti-jam and navigation features.
apps for car

Tops on the list

There is a huge amount of applications that simplify driver's life. It’s a bit easy to get confused and drown in the sea of apps. Now let’s have a quick look at the most popular and useful applications.

  • Waze. It allows to see a lot of things that are necessary things. Using Waze, you’re getting access to live-routing, voice assistance in navigation, information about traffic jams and other traffic conditions. Speaking about popularity, Google offered developers of Waze $1 billion to buy it.
  • Find My Car. It’s really simple application that allows you to find the way to your car if you don’t remember where you’ve parked it. There are also some extra features like a follow direction arrow, display of distance to a car and an offline access.
  • GasBuddy. What is the sense in paying more if you don’t have to. This app gives an access to prices in a user-friendly scale based interface. Just press the bottom and you will find local gas station with the comparison of prices for gas or diesel.
  • Google Maps. This app is still the most popular among car drivers and it the easiest tool to reach one point from another. It allows to track users location, trace traffic conditions, make marks, share some content to social media with geolocation, implement Google Maps HUD on your website or a 3rd party mobile app and even look on some peace of the city using Google Streets.
  • IOnRoad. It’s an extremely useful application that uses augmented reality. IOnRoad uses the camera of your smartphone to display vehicle's position on the road. It also allows to track everything that is going on the road and even alarms you when there is a chance of hazard. The interface is complemented with audio and video cues.


As we can see, mobile software is spread on almost every aspect of our driving experience. But it’s still a good niche to have a startup. With the mobilization of driving experience is a good idea so creating applications for smart cars is a gold vein