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Agile Development Starter Kit

Agile Development Starter Kit


In the past ten years agile mobile development (AMD) has reached the peak of popularity among app developers. AMD boosts cooperation between people that are involved in a process of app creation. Engagement between designers, developers and client is crucial for the app to stand requirements of modern constantly changing world of mobile apps.


So what is Agile development? It’s a methodology of software development built on strong and constant collaboration between small groups of specialists working on one project. It is used as an effective practice of organizing labour in small groups and managing them on combined methodics.

Agile software development is not a new methodology. De jure, it was created in 2001 with “The Manifesto for Agile Software Development” but it was used long time before this event.

Compared to traditional software development, AD is usually used in complicated systems with dynamic and nonlinear characteristics. In these projects it’s hard to create stable plans and accurately estimate future in early stages of development. So software creation separates on small iterations to avoid lots of waste work and undue financial expenses.

Manifesto consists of methods and advices about how to build a process of software development, how to succeed in a project and how to create teams where workflow will be interesting and enjoyable for both developers and client.

Let’s have a look at some basic principles of Agile development:

  • People and cooperation are more important than process and instruments
  • Cooperation with a client is more important than contract conditions
  • Everyday communication between client and developers in all stages of production
  • Recommended way of communication is a face-to-face conversation
  • Constant and fast adaptation to changing environment
  • Working product is more important than perfect documentation
  • Readiness to changes is more important than following original plan