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Advantages and Disadvantages of Lean Startup

Advantages and Disadvantages of Lean Startup


Creating a successful startup is not a piece of cake these days so those who dare to compete in this savage race are in search for original ideas and effective implementation methods, one of which is lean philosophy.

Lean startup methodology is based on abandoning everything unnecessary for the project, and it aims for minimal time and budget to be spent on the product. It has been expounded by Eric Ries. After reflecting on what mistakes led to the collapse of two of his big projects an entrepreneur wrote a book where he interpreted his ideas based on lean manufacturing. This approach decreases risks and resources while making sure that the project has got an audience.

Sounds appealing, doesn’t it? We are going to discuss all the strengths and weaknesses of this methodology, but first let’s figure what it actually is.

Pros and Cons of Lean Startup
Basic Principles

Work Smart

It isn’t about ‘Is it possible to build such product?’, but rather ‘Should this project be built in the first place?’

Validate your ideas and try out the ways of bringing it to life. Organise the workflow so there is no multitasking that can actually be damaging for work efficiency. Engage potential users from the very first stages, so when your product is ready to be released on the market you already have an established audience.

Change Your Ways

Lean startup founders encourage you to pivot and change the ways if your initial plan doesn’t live up to the expectations. It actually makes sense - why stick to the plan if it doesn’t give desired results? Get away from the beaten path to be more effective and actually develop the project instead of fixing the caused mishaps.

Provide Mockups

Mockups are great solution for saving time and efforts. Mockup is a simple design prototype that can be hand-drawn on a piece of paper so there is no coding required.

Talk to Users and Analyze True User Behaviour

Making up ideas for your customer isn’t the way things should be done. You must communicate with each other and understand exactly what they are expecting from you.

Having actual users try out your creation and getting their real feedback is what matters in developing. That is how you will know what features are lacking and which ones aren’t really helpful, how intuitive it is, how the design is perceived etc.

Lean Startup is divided into three parts:

  • Build. Srart to develop an idea, create an MVP.
  • Measure. Measure product’s usage and consumers’ feedback.
  • Learn. Discern the results and develop new hypotheses keeping those in mind.

These fases repeat until you get the desired result.

Pros and Cons of Lean Startup

Minimizing the Waste

By applying methods like Canban and getting a very clear idea of the project and all its constituents you organise a better working process that doesn’t involve any unnecessary targets.

Involved Audience

As it has been mentioned earlier, if you involve your user in the development process, it would be easier for your product to survive in the market when you finally launch it.


Lean philosophy initiated pivoting - changing your ways of performing tasks if they don’t provide desired results. It is of great value in improving work efficiency.

Need for Speed

Not the main, but quite an important point. Time is money, and it is more rational to spend less if it is an option. Following the first entry, better workflow



During most of the development process the product seems chaotic and unfinished. Design and architecture aren’t perfect as well.

No Employee Training

It is quite common for companies to start following lean philosophy without providing proper training course for the staff.


There are crazy big amounts of work and crazy little time to do it, so naturally employees get exhausted and frustrated with it.

Lean methodology offers great potential and opportunities. But you must understand the meaning behind the words. If you decide to implement lean strategy just to get the product faster, it won’t go very smooth. You gotta know the real meaning of a startup itself - not a product or service for sale, but a business idea to sustain.

Hope you found this article helpful. If you have any additional questions, feel free to contact us. Thunderrise Dev Team is ready to bring your project to life!