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9 Ways to Organise Remote Work and Manage It Effectively

9 Ways to Organise Remote Work and Manage It Effectively


Everyone have probably heard about outsource remote development by now. It has got its own pros and cons but here we are going to discuss what action you must take if you decided to go outsource.

We have made a list of our top priority rules to share with you, so let’s go through it.


Outsourcing has got its particular features, the main one being of course that clients can’t meet developers in person. You must control the development. Hence why there were different methodologies created so you can manage the remote work.

Here in Thunderrise we use Scrum and Agile methodologies which are great for managing outsource teams and providing the most efficient work results.

Divide (and Rule)

It’s always easier to split large tasks into smaller parts, so that’s how mobile development is performed as well. Using Scrum technology, we create sprints.

Sprint is a one to four week period of time during which the team must complete a task set by a client or a PM. When the task is completed, the team presents it to the client usually in a video call.

Face to Face

Besides task presentations and daily reports on the work done we hold Skype meetings with our clients once a week at least. That’s our way to bring two parts closer together. The progress is more graphic and it’s easier to understand client’s emotions on the matter, therefore it’s possible to give an appropriate feedback.

Also working remotely, it is easy to concentrate on your own tasks and forget there are actually more people in it than just you.

As they say, communication is the key to success. Working remotely, there is no face-to-face interaction as there is in a usual office, so one must find another way to keep a team cooperated.

Without being too fancy, a chat is the easiest way. Always keep the chat room open so team members get each other's messages in real time and can solve something immediately if it is urgent.

How to Manage Remote Work
Go as Planned

Planning is a crucial part of development as a complex process. It is exeptionally necessary in remote work managing.

Carry out a meeting where the whole team leaded by a PM sets up what needs to be done, how it needs to be done, the deadlines and all that jazz. Analyze the previous attainments and base future plan on your capacities and setbacks.

Casual Chat

Besides the business communication, it is important to keep your employers working as a team.

Sitting there alone at their desk might get quite lonely. To support team spirit it’s great to have a fun and easy colleague chat where you can just talk to each other, send memes or whatever else you want. It motivates people to work and makes business communication easier and more natural. Furthermore, it prevents spam in a business chat!

Keep an Eye Out

You gotta trust your developers, but trust doesn’t mean being careless.

You can use task management software like Trello or Todoist, or create one yourself.

You should definitely consider using one if you pay an hourly rate - to see if your employees actually work and aren’t just out and about wasting your time. Moreover, most people need motivation, so if you create unstrict conditions they are likely to start loafing.

Decent Working Environment

The search isn’t over yet after you make sure your candidate’s skills fully satisfy you. See if they have a quiet working space in their house, an office or just a separate room. Ask if they have small kids and whether there is someone else who can look after them. You get the idea - make sure they won’t get distracted or neglect their job over some house work.

You gotta be careful asking questions on that matter because it’s easy to seem like you’re invading their personal space.

How to Manage Remote Work
Decent Wage

Of course remote work costs less. Those who apply for such kind of job are aware of that and they are ready to earn less in exchange for comfort of working at home. But you must provide your employees with an adequate sum, so they actually enjoy working for you and they are loyal to you.

Let Them Know What You Are

Hiring someone remotely means they can’t learn about your company and the project directly in the working environment. Therefore create a way they can get to know your company, your plan, your ways and expectations on how it must be done. Videos are a great idea, as visualized information expresses more than just text. Give as much info as you can so they accommodate faster and do the job right.

IRL Meetings and Teambuilding

It’s good to actually gather altogether and have a proper meeting approximately once every six months of the development process. It can go two ways:

Business meeting takes place in an office or some kind of a meeting room where project details are discussed. The aim is for client to get a closer look at the whole development process and make sure everything is done correctly.

Casual meeting usually takes place in a restaurant or a bowling club (you are free to choose whatever your team prefers). It intends for both parties to get to know each other, discover each other’s personalities and interests etc. That way the following working process wil be warmer and more natural.

How to Manage Remote Work
Time Zones and Language Matter

It could have been the first point in our list, because a huge part of the work depends on it.

Unfortunately, it is possible that your employees will be asleep during your working hours and vice versa. That way they will only be able to answer your questions the next day which will significantly increase development time. Nobody needs such inconvenience in their business, so pay attention to your remote worker’s location, discuss and set their working hours.

Language disagreement can get you even more annoyed and stressed. If the worker needs either a translator or a dictionary in order to understand you, it ain’t gonna be an enjoyable cooperation.

Save your own time and energy by choosing a worker who meets your requests.

Overall, properly organised outsource will save your money and broaden your outlook.

We hope this article was helpful. If you have any questions left, feel free to contact us. Thunderrise Dev Team is at your service.