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7 Reasons Why You need to Go Native

7 Reasons Why You need to Go Native


After all these years of intense app developing there is still a controversy on the Native VS Hybrid topic.

If you are new to mobile development, you will probably face some difficulties when planning or even starting to develop your app. That’s why we have created this and many more useful articles, so let’s get to the business.

Native Applications

Native application is developed to run on a specific OS using appropriate tools. Those are Swift or Objective-C for iOS, Java for Android and C# for Windows platform. They require more time and resources as the development is more rigorous. You will need more than one team cooperating so they can work on different platforms at the same time, but you will get a more complex and functional app as a result. We will get back to it later to discuss all the points in more detail.

Native Web Development
Hybrid Applications

Hybrid application is developed using web technologies like HTML5 and it is supposed to suit all operating systems on different devices. There are options that don’t even require coding. Hybrid development is known to be cheaper and faster, but should you get caught on it? It is meant to meet a bunch of different standards and demands of different OS’s it doesn’t work with every one of them thoroughly. Hence why hybrid apps are much more likely to crash.

You don’t want your customer to have such inconveniences when using your app. Furthermore, such usage won’t last long.

Choose hybrid development if your app doesn’t need to be:

  • interactive
  • fast
  • familiar to users

However, it is quite suitable for non-interactive apps like news applications or glossaries.

Native Web Development
Native Privilege

We have touched some of the points already, but now we are going to focus on why we advise you to develop native applications.

Speed Is the Key

Time is lacking for everyone, so your app must be quick not to aggravate it. How much time does it take for you to give up on a page that doesn’t load for too long? Not too much I suppose.

It is widely known that native apps work much faster than hybrids. The latter ones are like web pages in a native browser wrapping. They rely on native browsers, while native apps are detached from them and work independently, hence much faster.  

Say Yes to Diversity

Native app gets easier and faster access to the device’s camera, calendar, people list etc.

Care for Each User

Native UI’s can be drastically better than the hybrid ones. There is more time and effort spent on it, so it suits all types and sizes of devices that it is available for. You know your phone, so you are going to intuitively know where and how to scroll and tap to get what you want.

Beauty Has No Size

Continuing with the previous one, native app deign is much more attractive. It will correspond with your customer's usual display design smoothly and the app will seem dearer and easier.

Build a House and Keep It Standing

Never forget to provide ongoing support for your app once it’s been released.

Managing natives is easier because it is directed on one platform, however it is more difficult if you make your app available on different platforms because you will have to support these platforms separately.

Go Offline

Choosing native if your app is going to need to function offline is a great idea because the content has already been downloaded with an app itself.

Consider Your Niche

Anyway, it does actually matter what kind of app you want to develop. Hybrid will be just fine for a simple planer or a catalog with no checkout feature that don’t require interaction with your device’s other apps and features.


We have already mentioned that native development can cost you more, but you must care about how users are going to experience your app. If you perform a thorough research you will find that those extra expenses will improve your product dramatically leading to users enjoying it more, the rates go higher and you getting more profit as a result.

If you have any additional questions or are interested in mobile development, contact us. Thunderrise Dev Team is at your service.