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7 Reasons Restaurants Need a Mobile App

7 Reasons Restaurants Need a Mobile App


Did you ever think about how rapidly mobility takes seed in our live. Like a mythic Kraken it spreads its tentacles in everything we love in our being… But is it so bad as i described? Many definitely will say “NO” and they are right. Mobile software makes our life more comfortable and everyday actions more convenient. So having a mobile presence is more than a good marketing strategy in a way is a challenge of modernity.

Online environment became the dominant one for a huge number of people who don’t leave their smartphone even for a minute. So having a mobile app for restaurant, you get a 24/7 advertising device that customers can’t live without.

Restaurant business is not fully filled with mobile applications but there is a trend among restaurants in making their own custom apps. There are a lot of ways for you to gain profit using a mobile app. In 2017 it’s not so easy to find more worthy investment. So let’s talk about 7 reasons restaurants need a mobile app.

7 reasons restaurants need a mobile app

1. Long friendship

Having a well-designed application is a good way to intensify communication between PFS owner and his customers. Give them a discount for leaving a review (KFC does so) in your app and you will have an instant feedback. You can also intensify long-term relations with your customers by adding some app exclusive features like a One Touch Calling or full in-built menu.

The best idea is sharing extra coupons for discount for mobile app owners. Everybody likes coupons but no one today wants to split them from newspapers. So sharing an “app coupon” you can be sure that the client will return at least once to reap his profit. So if somehow his first experience visiting your restaurant was not good, you get a second chance. And if you win 2:0 a third visit won’t force to wait for it.

2. Be in tune with the time

Remember about spreading tentacles? It means that mobile presence is an extremely good way of branding. A phrase “mobile app” has become a vogue word. Companies that don’t have one are several steps back comparing to those who “became mobile” (another buzzword).

Leaping ahead, mobile app is a good choice for increasing ROI among millennials. Actually, not only among them, but young people are the dominant age category in this field. Usually, it’s about mobile payments and not because it’s a temporary trend but because it’s the most convenient way. Indulging their preferences is the best way to make them return. Now can you feel the synergy with the first reason?

7 reasons restaurants need a mobile app

3. Time is on your side now

Admit it, dinner tastes much better when you don’t have to wait for half an hour to enjoy it. People rather prefer ordering food online. But if you sit in a traffic jam you don’t have an opportunity to launch lap top so mobile application that allow to order a dinner as fast as possible comes at hand. When you come to restaurant and the table is served, just sit down and eat, you will more than likely thank past yourself for downloading this app. Of course, your experience will be more than just good, such service can lift the spirit for the rest of the day.

4. Ius publicum

Social media is the core tentacle of mobility. There are a lot of ways to gain profit from having a social media presence. For example, create an online gallery of customers photos and allow them to share it on Facebook, leave comments, like, repost and so on. Viral internet content is the new wave of spreading words of mouth so it became a some kind of currency for business.

Give people some extra coupon for a tweet about their recent meal and their followers will think “Oh, she eats there, so maybe it’s a good place”.

5. Be technically advanced

There are a lot of advanced technologies that can help you to market your restaurant business using your mobile app. Let’s list some of them to have a better understanding.

  • Geolocation. It allows users to find your location on a map. It’s also a good idea to implement in-built in your app so users won’t have a chance to digress on your competitors nearby who will be shown on a third-party maps.
  • Beacon software. It’s a pretty new technology by Apple that allows you to navigate users in a small location and send push notifications to users nearby. If someone's way lies near your restaurant and he looks for somewhere to have a supper, technology automatically sends a notification to his smartphone about special offers for this time. It will be hard to avoid such a well-timed offer.

7 reasons restaurants need a mobile app

6.Reserved and served

Mobile apps also allow people to make reservations for a concrete time. You may think, it can be done via phone call. But, usually, it takes a lot of time (in a perception of people who has a big life tempo). Using an app, it can be done in a few taps and you don’t need to outcry background sounds of a kitchen, because you just tap, cooks just see your reservation, waitress just put a sign “Served” on a proper table.

7.Analyzing an audience

If you implement a statistics feature to your app, you can obtain tons of information that matter for every restaurant owner. You can know an approximate age of your customers, their meal time, preferences in payment, orders and so on. For example, if you see that a lot of people put your mayo above ketchup, it’s worth to change a ketchup or supply more mayo. Here’s the synergy with our third topic, see how they cooperate?


Statistics say that only 5% of restaurants in USA have their mobile application. It means that the field is not fully filled so if you create your own, gossip about your innovativeness will spread faster that those tentacles of mobility.

Tons of benefits are not listed in this article, but i’ve tried to describe the biggest and maybe not the most evident. Now it comes to you. So if you say “Yes, i need my business to prosper”, contact us, we’ll answer all questions and start to find the most appropriate solution for you.