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7 PayPal Alternatives

7 PayPal Alternatives


What do we think about when someone ask us about ways to pay or earn payments in the Internet? I think it’s “Paypal” in most of situations. For a long time, there was an opinion that PayPal is the only platform to perform financial operations. This system is easy, free and what’s the most important - widespread. The only thing you have to do is to register a PayPal classic account, so combination of simpleness and dispersion made PayPal being synonymous to to online payments.

But is PayPal perfect? A lot of people would answer “No”. Actually nothing is perfect but it’s not a reason to endure issues if there’s a better solution. At first, let’s have a look at the most essential Paypal disadvantages so readers could clear up reasons to use its’ alternatives:

  • Payment holding. Very often, PayPal holds your payment to do a thorough review that’s not necessary and, speaking honestly, annoy a lot.
  • Fees. We all know that PayPal has to support its’ existence somehow but fees here are very high comparing to other payment tools that we’ll mention further.
  • Freezing. It’s not an everyday situation but being a private company, PayPal isn’t controlled by government so it can freeze your account without any explanation and be sure, unfreezing it is really labour-consuming process.

PayPal was a monopolist when it was associated with eBay by from 2015 we can see the rise of PayPal alternatives for business. Today we are going to speak about 7 services like Paypal that could be useful both for PayPal small business and for everyday shopping.

Google Wallet
google wallet

As alway, Google spreads its’ arms on every aspect of online living and, of course, it has an alternative to PayPal. The best advantage of Google Wallet is that it’s a child of Google and, you know, it means a lot. You can integrate your GMail account with your Credit or Debit card so you will have one card instead of several and it’s really convenient. And what’s the best - Google Wallet is free. You just have to pay a standard commission for money transfer that your bank provides. The only drawback is that Wallet works only for US market. But you can still use it to buy applications in Google Play Store all over the world.


It’s a really interesting alternative to PayPal. After registration you obtain a Payoneer MasterCard that will be sent to you in any place on the planet. Registration is free and all you have to pay is a year fee of $29.95 for using a card. But after you put your first $100 on a card, there’s a bonus of $25 so you just pay $4.95 for the first year of using it.

A lot of huge corporations work with Payoneer. Facebook, eBay, AliExpress, Amazon and what’s ironic - PayPal have a collaboration with Payoneer. It can be used from more than 200 countries and its’ card works with all ATMs that work with Master Card. The only disadvantage is that Payoneer's policy can struggle with some states legislations.


Selz is the best PayPal alternative for selling media-content like music, software and other digital goods. With WordPress classic API it automatically creates a Facebook Store account for free.

The whole payment process take place on the site of a product you buy so you want to travel through tons of sites to buy a little plugin for your PC. Selz works both Visa and MasterCard and is available in 190 countries. It takes 5% for every transaction plus 25 cents for every purchase through a service.

Amazon Payments

amazon payments

Amazon is another Internet Giant so it doesn’t stay ahead of online payments. Of course, it uses your Amazon account to perform online transactions so it’s really quick to login a start managing your finances. Amazon Payments provides no fees for transactions under $1000 so it’s really good for small and regular purchases. The only drawback is that it’s allowed exclusively for US tax residents so integrating a non-US Ecommerce is a pretty hard task.


It’s a PayPal alternative that will fit well both for merchants and customers and is a very popular platform. The huge advantage is that Stripe automatically transfers money to your bank account. Stripe also accepts mobile payments that rise popularity today. International transactions as well as back payments and credit money usage are free as distinct from PayPal. But if everything will be such fine we should not talk about PayPal but Stripe alternatives. The worst drawback of Stripe is transaction delay of few working days. Really bad in our world of instant payments.


It’s also a really good PayPal alternative 2017 that makes your payment really easy. What’s convenient in using WePay is that it uses an API as some kind of paying terminal on your website. It’s a really simple way to enter the world of Ecommerce if you don’t want to pay a lot to programmers. It’s really good but it doesn’t provide person-to-person transaction and works only with online merchants.


It’s an opposition to WePay. If the last works for merchant-individual payments, Skrill provides transactions between ordinary users. You can use your Credit or Debit card all over the world. But person-to-person orientation doesn’t mean that Skrill doesn’t work with enterprises but I need to admit there are really a few of them. The great feature of Skrill is VIP status that gives an access to a Skrill Prepaid MasterCard. VIP depends on the total deposit amount.

Summing Up

As we can see, there are a lot of alternatives to PayPal and we have mentioned not all of them. Even if you use PayPal and you are happy, there is a need to know what its’ competitors offer. PayPal is rather old platform and stays monopolic at the expense of its’ reputation. So who knows, maybe you can obtain something new and one of the alternatives we have mentioned today will be just for you. If you have any questions, contact us and we will answer all of them.