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7 Key Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Mobile App Developer

7 Key Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Mobile App Developer


It’s no secret that users are generally more often on their smartphones rather than a PC or a laptop. Having an app became crucial for companies to spread a word about themselves, increase their revenue or provide a decent user experience for their customers.

If you are new to mobile development or if you seek more satisfying results than your previous ones, that’s the right place for you to be. Here’s our list of questions to ask a developer before starting a partnership.

Where can I see mobile apps that you have developed?

That is the point where you get the developers who, let’s say, aren’t completely true about their skills and achievements, out of your way. An experienced developer would be glad to provide you with the links to their works, they’d be eager to show a creation that they are proud of. That way you can briefly estimate their capabilities and whether that kind of result is what you need.

If a candidate doesn’t give you distinct answers, it’s a sign to refuse to their companionship.

7 Key Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Mobile App Developer
Can I get some info about your present/past customers?

Checking developer’s works isn’t complete without a direct contact with representatives of the company they worked with. You can get answers on how they are coping deadlines, how attentive to details and responsive they are and so on and so forth.

Pay attention to the tone of their voice, if the customer doesn’t mind or even are glad to recall their partnership.

Look through their references and LinkedIn profile, maybe check some social media if the links are easily accessible (but don’t dig them, that’s creepy).

What smartphone do you use?

No, we haven’t ran out of question ideas, it actually is important. What they’ve chosen for everyday life use is what they find the best. It shows what platform is closer to them. For example, if they claim to be proficient in iOS development, they might as well actually have and use an iPhone or an iPad.

7 Key Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Mobile App Developer
What additional features can you implement into my app?

Plain apps don’t catch attention. To get noticed and shared you need to come out with creative ideas on how to improve your project. Of course you probably have it planned already, but developers are more experienced in the field and can be very helpful. Let them take a look at your app and offer what is lacking - 3D, VR, GPS, checkout etc. In the process you can also see whether they are getting involved into the project or not.

How are we going to communicate during the development process?

Communication is the key to everything and it is vital in the app development industry. Your final product depends on how well the developers understood what you wanted to receive, your requests to change specific features and how they perceive and perform it.

Specify whether they prefer talking on the phone, texting via Skype or emailing and compare it to your preferences. Don’t forget to mention weekly video meetings or meeting in person if you are from the same region.

Pay attention to how responsive they are and whether they have questions - it’s a good sign which means they actually are interested in the job and don’t just pass off everything you say to forget about you and your project after the conversation is over.

7 Key Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Mobile App Developer
Will you upload an app to application stores and will you provide ongoing support?

Submitting your app to application stores can be quite a struggle, especially when it comes to iOS App Store, but you gotta make sure your developer is experienced in it and knows how to walk you through it.

You may aks whether they have a developer’s profile, however you have to get one for yourself to submit your app on it. It’s better to have control, even if you fully trust them.

Now, you must provide ongoing support for your project the moment it is launched in the stores, and who can manage it better than people that actually developed it from the start? They know the code, they know what you want your app to be, so make sure they will do it before signing the papers.

What are your payment terms and how do you calculate the total estimation?

Last but by no means least we have the financial matter.

Rates can alter depending on how experienced the developer is and their location. They can request either an hourly rate or a fixed price.

Those with an hourly rate charge for every hour they spend working on a project. They will offer you an approximate estimation and request payment every two weeks/month.

With a fixed price development, you will get the total price of your project that they will stick to if there are no emergencies. The best way of organizing such projects is making a deposit at the beginning and paying the rest after the app is launched. That way developers are motivated to work and you can be sure they will actually make changes and improvements you request to get paid in the end.

Finding a right developer might get riling but you can not put up with someone who is not perfect for the job. Smooth process and great results will make up for your search suffering.

If you have any additional questions or are looking for a perfect developer, feel free to contact us. Thunderrise Dev Team is ready to give your idea a new life!