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7 Best Ways to Increase User Engagement

7 Best Ways to Increase User Engagement


App marketing is blooming nowadays, but how do you actually retain the user after your app has been downloaded?

Don’t let yourself be fooled by the high number of downloads. We all have apps that we only opened once and then neglected forever. To be more precise, about 1/4 of users who downloaded the application will not use it more than once.

User engagement is a metric that shows how actively your customers utilize the application. The standard is different for specific kinds of apps, some might require daily use while other only need to be opened once a month or so.
User Engagement Tips

Naturally, one doesn’t want to lose customers - and worry not! - we have prepared

7 most efficient ways to increase your app’s engagement. Are you ready for a ride? Well let’s go.

Application Store Presentation

This is a pre-first step of user engagement. If your app didn’t intrigue the customer enough to even bother downloading it, then sorry buddy, but your engagement strategy failed dramatically.

Take your time and think through what features you want to prioritize and how to arrange the description so it explains perfectly what problems your app is going to solve and the ways that will be used.

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Minimum Functions

Having a variety of features in your app is of course a benefit but don’t get all smoke and mirrors. Spoiling your app with useless additions is not the best idea, is it?

When you are thinking of implementing any features, think whether your customer needs it and which problem it actually solves so you don’t fill the product with distracting flotsam and jetsam.
User Engagement Tips

Try Before Buying

Naturally one might doubt purchasing a product they are unfamiliar with. If you decide to make your app paid-for, consider providing your customer with a free demo version so they can check it first hand.

Use it to introduce the user to your app the best way you can. Lead a quick guide on application’s main features and how to use them. Make it short and easy to understand, so again nobody gets confused.

Push Notifications

Your app not being used as often as it used to be is the first sign of losing customer engagement. In order for your product not to be forgotten you gotta remind user of its presence on a device.

The answer is sending push-notifications once in a while. Short and simple, they aren’t too annoying and they work as little
alarms to bring your product back to life. Moreover, push-notifications are more personalized and efficient than email.

Deep Linking

Deep linking is placing a hyperlink to a specific piece of content on a website rather than its home page, basically navigation between web pages and documents.

This concept is very convenient and will definitely satisfy your audience.


We have all been taught that what’s inside is important, But you can’t deny everything is more satisfying when you enjoy the looks, and mobile applications are of no exception.

Simple and intuitive UI/UX augmented by aesthetically pleasing looks are crucial to keep the users on your side.
User Engagement Tips

Quick Support and Feedback

Nowadays time is of great value and everyone’s lifestyle is rather hectic. Your feedback is demanded to be delivered as soon as possible.

What are your thoughts when you have written your question to the support services and haven’t received an answer in days, especially if you have invested in a product financially? Ain’t too friendly and willing to keep using it, is it?

Communication is vital in any kind of relations, so if you make it easy for users to contact you and arrange the feedback properly, you will get more loyalty from a user in return.

It is also a good idea to have an FAQ if it would be appropriate for your kind of application.

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Other small tips from Thunderrise are try being up to date by tracking updates in OS’s and adjusting your application’s utility correspondingly, and use the onboarding wisely. The tip is not giving a tutorial on how to use an app but introducing the user to its benefits. The idea is to interest a user and prove that the app was worth downloading and is worth using regularly.

There’s a lot to say on this topic and this article is our humble contribution in order for you to understand it a little better.

We hope you found it useful, and if you have any additional questions or want to start a project, feel free to contact us. Thunderrise Dev Team is ready to make your idea into reality.