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6 Steps to Make an App

6 Steps to Make an App


Nowadays development of mobile applications is a promising business that combines hobbies and opportunity to earn money on relatively new market. This may encourage people to google such articles as “ How to make an app easy and fast? We are taking this challenge, so prepare to learn the right recipe.

Let’s divide the whole process into steps to create an app for your convenience.


Grab a thimbleful of idea

The first thing you need to do is to validate your idea. That is the first serious step.

Conduct a market research and make the portrait of the user.

Make sure that your app will be useful for the potential user. You need to understand the requirements of your target audience. In other words, you wouldn’t serve junk food in gym canteen.

Now analyze your competitors. Many give up when they find out that their idea is not unique. You shouldn't back down that easily. If you are sure that this idea is eagerly sought, you need to see the strengths and weaknesses of your competitors.

After you are done with competitors you need to determine what so special will be in your app, and what will differ your app from others.

Do you have a question?

Study the recipe and prepare the ingredients

To achieve success on the market you need to develop business strategy. You can use flip chart for visualization. Draw diagrams, write down the stages of development, estimations, and everything necessary:

  • Key activities;
  • Key activities;
  • Key activities;
  • Ways to reach your target audience;
  • Customer segments;
  • Customer relationship;
  • Value proposition;
  • Cost structure;
  • Revenue streams.

Now take a baking cup

One of the following steps to making an app is the creation of Mock-Ups. If you are experienced in Mobile industry then you can do it on your own using some tools, otherwise, you should hire a professional for this purpose.

Once your mock-ups are ready you can proceed to design. UI design is one of the core components of your app and it is vital to make it appealing, intuitive and friendly to user.

If you make an interactive (clickable) presentation of your future app (with the usage of such services like InvisionApp) you can show your to investors without actually developing it.

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Generally, we come on board at the stage of strategic planning and prototyping. On this stage we help our customers to unleash full potential of their idea, help to make right emphasis, and give advice from our rich startup and outsourcing experience.

Then we introduce our Business Analyst and Designer to our clients and they go through creation of Design prototype. This stage implies close communication with customer to clearly define and overcome his expectations.

When the Mock-Ups are confirmed we proceed to design creation in strict accordance.

Blend all ingredients properly

You have the design created? Then it’s time to start active development phase. But before you do, you need to choose platforms for your app. To make app for iOS or create app for Android, that is a question.

As the statistics for the first quarter of 2016 shows that 95% of Mobile market is taken by iOS and Android. You should also remember that it is possible to develop multi platform application(the app that functions on different OSes). But you should think carefully on this. There are many solutions to cross platform development:

  • PhoneGap
  • Cordova
  • Apache
  • Xamarin
  • Titanium-Appcelerator
  • Ionic

If you are planning simple app with plain design then you can this way, and will save you time and money, but lower quality will be the price.

But if you are working on the enterprise app for business or company, and your app includes many complicated custom features, then you should choose native development. Native apps are much more stable, show better performance, and easier survive OS updates.

Our company places quality on the 1st place, that’s why we specialize in Native iOS and Android Development and provide stable Web platforms.

When it comes to the development phase, our Project Manager builds working schedule, manages timelines and divides tasks among development departments. To assure the code clarity there are always min 2 developers working on one part of the project. Their close collaboration allows them to understand literally every line in the code, and if one of the developers gets sick or goes on a business trip other can easily continue working on a project.

cat want's eating

Taste your app

Running a proper QA is a MUST.

QA stands for Quality Assurance and is a process of preventing mistakes and solving issues before the app gets to users.

Even guru developers can’t deliver 100% bug-free code, so QA Engineers track bugs and help the developers to fix them. But this is only one of their responsibilities. QAs review the functionality and usability in general. Also, they try to think like common users and sometimes they avoid the predicted scenario to see how the system will react to such behavior.

Our QA Engineers combine professional approach with deep understanding of average users behavior.

Prepare to serve you dish

You should start thinking about marketing as a very important ingredient even during the development stage. How to build your PR campaign, where to publish articles about your apps and how to attract more users.

Ding! Your app is done and ready for release.

Our Marketing department knows how to promote your app, so you could see it in tops. We hope that our article was helpful and we are looking forward to seeing your apps in tops of App Store and Рlay Market!

Still have questions how to build a mobile app? Contact us ;)