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5 Best JavaScript Frameworks

5 Best JavaScript Frameworks


Last year JavaScript conquered a dignity of the first-to-learn software language in 2017. And there’s no surprise, even backend makers now more often prefer JS to other languages. The reigning feature is its’ flexibility but it doesn’t lessen its’ convenience.

No news for any JSer - almost every week new JavaScript frameworks are born and all of them are posed as new and unique. So where to find roots of JS framework popularity?

  • A lot safe. The most used JavaScript frameworks perform their own security engines and they aren't ashamed of users' testing.
  • They cost not much or even are free. Top JS frameworks use public source basis so they are free. If we calculate: lesser cost on expenses - lesser final product costs.
  • Cleanness. Formerly developers had to spend eras and write miles to form a web-based application. Now the most used JavaScript frameworks offer user a library of premade patterns.

As we decided why JavaScript frameworks are so widespread, let’s have a quick review.

5 Best JavaScrip Frameworks


ReactJS is named the top JavaScript framework of 2016. This platform is grounded on an open source code and prosper generally with the help of Facebook ReactJS poses oneself as JS UI storage.

With the usage of Model View Controller this program becomes one of the most user friendly within amarket of JS frameworks 2017. Their key feature of React is basement on a one direction data stream.

React JS is deservedly considered as a rapid growing framework. Collaborations between parts - HTML and JavaScript (using JSX) does its’ magic well. Usually these parts are separated and it leads to a standalone JavaScript file so you have to track JS-HTML-JS stream. Admit it, not so convenient. Using React, you should about such discomfort.

Facebook, Instagram, Ebay and AirBNB use this tool and it reflects its’ popularity very well.


Backbone is a popular but really simple framework that fits in one JS file. It’s very widespread among teams that look for not complicated structure to write light web or desktop applications with no turning to big libraries like Angular or Ember.

Backbone is based on Model-View-Presenter design pattern. Models allow to work with key-event connection for better data processing. It supports RESTful JSON interface and contains everything you need to build a one-line app with no complexions. Lack of functionality is ultimately dispelled by possibility to template third-party plugins.

Backbone users surely reflect its’ popularity. There are Pinterest, Foursquare as well as Sony among its users.

5 Best JavaScrip Frameworks

AngularJS/Angular 2

First expansion was born quite long ago (in 2009). Despite it, AngularJS is still the most popular JavaScript framework if you want to build a single-page or one-line app. It was built by Google and it works with open source code.

Angular provides automatic synchronization of logics and views using DOM interface, it also provides creating custom DOM elements.

Angular 2 offers even larger spectre of functionality. Now developers have an ability to create everything without overestimation: from web to desktop and mobile applications. TypeScript by Microsoft makes JavaScript more attractive for big corporations.

In March we will see the third expansion named Angular 4. At the moment it is predicted as the top JavaScript framework 2017 according to results of Beta program that's already available for trying.


Node.JS is a JavaScript framework based on V8 engine. It can work with third party libraries, launch commands from the code directly to JavaScript and act like a web server.

PayPal web version as well as Ebay are step by step turning to Node. LinkedIn prefered Node.JS since 2012 instead of Ruby on Rails and still feels the advantages: 27 servers have reached 20x performance rise.

Node is pretty convenient for API creation and there are already pre-made libraries like Loopback. This framework is a great solution for developing crossplatform applications because desktop and mobile Node versions are easy to synchronize.

The best advantage for mobile app developers: Internet of Things is foremost written on Node. All thermostats, fitness trackers, smart houses are a lot familiar with it.

5 Best JavaScrip Frameworks


Vue 2.0 was presented in 2016 so it’s a lot new. Vue’s unofficial philosophical basis is brawling all pros from the most popular JavaScript frameworks like Angular, Ember or React putting it in the field of user-friendly interface.

Alike Angular, Vue connects model-view two-way data binding. Technically, Vue is a ViewModel of MVVM pattern. It provides a serverside rendering like React. Despite all these adoptions, Vue can act as a good alternative to JS flagships if you look for divine proportion between functionality and simplicity.

It’s also a great opportunity for a rapid cross-platform development. It will become a good basement for single page applications and a good choice for projects, where good code organization stands higher than performance.

Reflections and Conclusion

To sum up, choosing a JavaScript framework, you don’t need to think of them through their functionality but through tasks that you should give it. The choice depends on company's goals and requirements of development.

The truth is that JS frames are now favourable for web development and 2017 will not change the situation.
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