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10 Alternative Android App Stores

10 Alternative Android App Stores


Google Play is the most popular source of applications and it’s usually the first go-to store that comes to mind. Although Play Store has over billion downloads every month, it still tries to monopolize the market and stay dominant. But it doesn’t mean that it the only source of mobile applications. Despite all Googles’ tries, there are alternative Android markets and today we gonna speak about them.

At first, let’s dispel all uncertainties and list some reasons to launch your app on alternative Android app market.

  • Less competitiveness. It’s easy to estimate that the more applications are in app stores base, the harder it will be to reach the top.
  • New frontiers. Launching your app to a alternative Android app store will lead to a new audience so new downloads.
  • Promotion. Many stores offer loyalty programs to their users like “app of the day” or “daily discounts” and so on.
  • Recommendations. This option goes from the first one. Alternate app stores usually recommend their users applications similar to the recently downloaded ones. So users have an extra chance to choose exactly your application.
  • Locality. If your app is created for a specific area, it’s better to upload it on Google Play alternatives that is based in this region and has a big amount of users directly in this area. For example, Yandex Store in Russia or Baidu in China.

As we decided reasons to launch an app on alternative Android app stores, let’s talk about these choices itself. We introduce you 10 Alternatives to Google Play.
10 Alternative android app stores

1. Mobile Market

#1 alternative Android marketplace that only contains free applications. Also you can launch your own app for free as well, but it has to pass through a process of rigorous approval to proof that it doesn’t contain malware. This Android apps store also offers users recommendations according to their preferences.

1Mobile Market also has a big audience. Downloads rate has overreached the point of 100 million, also it has over 850 000 applications listed.

2. Opera Mobile Store

It also offers a free launch for all applications. This alternative apps store gets its monetization done by a 30% fee from every sale. According to official statistics, it has more than 140 000 applications uploaded and provides more than 75 billion monthly visitors. Opera Store is not overcrowded so it will be less difficult to reach the top. So you have a free access to such big audience and you have a chance of instant monetization.
10 Alternative android app stores

3. Amazon Appstore

It is one of the most successful competitors of Google Play. With the growing popularity of Amazon devices (Kindle Fire and new Fire Phone) that tightly cooperate with their Android alternative app store, the popularity of Amazon itself grows higher and higher. But don’t worry, you don’t need to tune your project for Fire OS because it’s based on Android and runs most popular Android applications very well.

The huge advantage of Amazon Appstore is that you can launch web based and HTML5 applications on it.
10 Alternative android app stores

4. SlideME

So here’s next  biggest competitor to Google. Among app stores for Android it's the oldest one. SlideME is positioned as an Andriod store for users without Google Play enabled devices so about 140 gadget manufacturers prefer SlideME preinstalled on their products. It also offers custom distribution channels and it doesn’t have any region restrictions.

It offers a free to launch option an a huge audience while takes only 20% fee for every download.

5. F-droid

Among all Android app stores this is the best solution if you want to test your apps’ popularity. The key is that F-droid is completely free to use for developers. It is held by volunteers so they rely entirely on optional donations. Developers access only free applications and reject those that have in-built purchases or advertising. So if your product doesn’t contain them, you won’t lose anything uploading it to F-droid.

6. Soc.io Mall

Another great Play Market alternative. There are not only native applications there but also e-books, music, games, videos and other content. Soc.io Mall is free to use for developers and asks 20% fee for every sale. Despite, it doesn’t have such a huge audience like Amazon or Play Market, absence of competitiveness means an easy way to top.

7. Mobile9

It’s not actually a regular app store but some kind of a social network. Users can comment, rate and share installed applications. According to their statistics, they have only 30 000 developers but number of downloads has overreached the rift of 200 million.

8. Mobogenie

This market has a close Play Store application list but it has a huge advantage comparing to Google's one. As developers say, Mobogenie provides an “intelligent” recommendation system to offer users the exact solution they need. Unlike the majority of app stores, it has a desktop client and an in-built file manager that helps to organize content on device.

9. Samsung Galaxy Apps 

A separate Android marketplace that comes in stock with Samsung Tabs and is utilized as a prime for 140 mln Samsung device users in 161 countries. This markeplace is considered to be fittable for your app launch from a point that Samsung mobile and tab users are more prone to buy apps and to use in-app purchase options.

10. MoboMarket

This store has a huge audience because of its’ crossplatformness. It is a specific app store Android OS and iOS based so users can use it so if your application is developed for iOS it’s a good idea to launch it on MoboMarket. It is promoted like a more sophisticated alternative to regular app stores.


Although Google Play stays the king of Android app stores and no one could reconquer his throne, launching your fresh-made application to an alternative market is still a good idea to gain more profit. The things are better considering that the majority of them are free to launch. Feel free to contact us for more information.